Thursday, 16 June 2016

Pakistani media Blatantly Blame U.S. Intelligence Agencies And Zionist/Jewish Lobbies For Orlando Shooting, And Justify Attacks On Homosexuals

Memri reports the following with additional comments by SDR

(SDR:) Pakistan US partners on the war of terror ? Hardly!
Who ever in the US thinks that Pakistan in any way supports the US in any way must be kicked of his or her post as a danger to public safety.....or better yet Global safety.
Its high time that "the West" start´s  to see things for what they really are, and not what people tell them it is. Since when does the word of a liar bear more weight than the actions of the same individual or administration.

(Memri:) After the June 12 shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida, which left 49 dead and 53 others wounded, two Urdu-language Pakistani Islamist newspapers – Roznama Islam and Roznama Ummat - featured editorials blaming American intelligence agencies and the so-called Jewish/Zionist lobby in America for orchestrating the attack, which was carried out by a Muslim Omar Mateen, an American of Afghan origin. 

Roznama Islam not only accused American intelligence agencies of carrying out the Orlando attack, as well as previous attacks, but also promoted a conspiracy theory stating that the purpose of the attacks was to benefit the "pro-Zionist" U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump. 

Roznama Ummat, which is close to Pakistani military intelligence, justified the attack, stating that homosexuals that had mocked the Prophet Lut suffered a similar fate. It stated: "It is more correct to describe the attack as god's punishment rather than the result of Omar Mateen's terrorism and hate."

Following are excerpts from the editorials:

An editorial in the daily Roznama Islam state: "No religion in the world permits such a massacre of innocent and non-combatant civilians. The killing of innocents is terrorism regardless of perpetrator or location. However, it is pertinent to stop here for a moment and analyze this incident. Therefore, the first point worth discussing is that America has become a strongman for establishing peace across the world and at the highest level [of its government] it reserves a large budget for establishing peace and defense. Despite this, in [an American] city and in broad daylight, an armed man targets a public place. So, it raises a question mark on America's defense measures and capabilities.
"It is not far-fetched that the hand of American secret agencies could be behind the Orlando incident because previous such incidents have occurred, in which American agencies had been directly involved. In such circumstances, it is not baseless and beyond probability to mentally provoke a Muslim youth to take an extreme step against the local culture [i.e. the LGBT community] and subsequently blame all the debris on Muslims in order to strengthen the atmosphere of Islamophobia present in America.
"The Zionist class is extremely unhappy about the rapidly growing popularity of Islam and the impact of the Koranic teachings in America – and this is the reason that attempts are being made to block its path [by orchestrating such attacks]. Therefore, it is not strange that American secret agencies might have attempted to hit two targets with a single arrow [by inciting this attack]. In other words, they attempted to besmirch the character of Muslims domestically and to pave the path for a new front against Muslims on the international level.
"As per some commentators, there is a need to see this incident in the context of the coming presidential elections in America. At this point, the race between the U.S. presidential candidates includes a pro-Zionist, extremely prejudiced and extremist [candidate] such as Donald Trump, whose aggressive, hateful and inflammatory speech against Islam and Muslims has divided and convulsed the entire American society. Therefore, all the benefits of this incident will reach those anti-Islam presidential candidates... If this incident strengthens Donald Trump in the presidential race, this [satisfies] the long-held desire and efforts of the Jewish lobby present in America."

An editorial in the daily Roznama Ummat stated: "At the time of the attack, about 300 homosexuals were present at the night club. There are several aspects of the details that have emerged regarding the attack on the Orlando club: First, this attack was not carried out on innocent people; rather, people engaged in extremely immoral activities were targeted. Such [homosexual] people had mocked the Prophet Lut, and as a result, God had rained stones on them from the sky. In this context, it was inevitable for punishment of some form or another to descend on the depravity spread in American society."