Tuesday, 14 June 2016

US Mass murderer got a gun licence even if he had been (and was no longer) a FBI suspect

What does this tell us about the FBI ?

Here is the outcome of the great politically correct investigation on one of the worst
Islamist killing ,monsters of out time. Yes we say Islamic as that's what he him self
said he was as he supported ISI openly.


After a 29-year-old gunman opened fire in Pulse Nightclub, killing almost 50 (49) revellers over the course of a three-hour siege on Sunday, one of the first questions asked was, how did he obtain his weapons? Writes BBC . We at SDR ask how long until Muslims start to face their own music and get the risk label of violence and terror they deserve rightfully. 
If Islamists would be considered dangerous this man would never have been able to obtain a legal gun licence!

BBC writes like this man had no religious philosophical reasons for his deeds further ....The answer: He did so legally, from a gun shop called the St Lucie Shooting Center.
"An evil person came in here and legally purchased two firearms from us," said store owner Ed Henson in a press conference outside the store. "He passed a background check that every single person who purchases a firearm in the state of Florida undergoes." 
This how things should be but being a Islamist openly should be a risk and danger and not put under the carpet as its the case now in the US and the EU.
That's is where the wrong lies. Not in owning a gun!

But what we don’t agree on is when we hear how many times this man had been twice investigated by FBI should have given reason for some deeper investigation which
his former colleague stated very well.
He said : Omar hated Jews Gays and  Women and blamed these all for all bad in life.
With such a hate stereotype fitting any terrorist we are amazed how the US can give
a gun licence especially when almost all terror incidents around the world has a name like: Omar, Husein, Ali, Osama, etc indicating that he is part of a so called religion that's more a philosophy of very violent nature if we take a look at what Muslims think when it comes to sharia. By the way it has to end to call someone islamophobic when Islam is not a race but a very evil way of life in many cases. Killing even other Muslims for the smaller of reasons. Shia and Sunni Muslims kill each other on a daily basis.
To us at SDR Islamism is nothing less of a hate philosophy than Nazism or Communism 
and those so called philosophies can be investigated by the law makers without having o call it illegal profiling…..

Maybe its time to see the fact that ever since it became known that Omar Mateen was a devout Muslim the headlines have avoided the almost 50 dead! (49)

If someone Christian would do the same it would be headlines all over the world.
And if he would have been a Jew it would have stigmatized all Israel…

To us at SDR Omar is just a living proof that the Muslim Philosophy brings nothing but mass-murder in one way or another where ever the philosophy of Islam sets its feet.
They should be as much investigated as neo-Nazi's of not more as their killings today exceeds any other philosophy on the planet, be it in Palestine Syria Iraq US or Sweden 
all the same is repeated over and over.

Wake up western lawmakers fair should be fair, and not something politically obscure.