Sunday, 19 June 2016

Why does no Islamic Nation or media protest when Turkey Kill Muslim Children ?

Today we read somewhere in the back of any newspaper so that its almost hidden that:
Turkish border guards have shot dead at least eight Syrians, including four children, who were trying to cross into Turkey, activists say. A further eight people were injured, said the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a UK-based monitoring group.

The shooting took place at a border crossing north of the Syrian town of Jisr al-Shugour, which is controlled by jihadist groups.
If its one even Palestinian kid then the entire Islamic world shouts their lungs off !
However in today's world we see Turkey as a mass killer of Muslim kids and NOT ISRAELIS!
Be they Syrians or Kurd its all the same its a long lasting Turkish double morale and Western politically correct media that stinks here.
Where is any flotilla against Turkey now? 
Where is UN now ?
Where is the UN Secretary hiding when Turks kill Syrian or Kurd kids ?

Fact: Turkey does the same as Israel namely just close their borders and stop an invasion. 
But that's not politically correct to say even if EU is begging Turkey to do something!

SDR find the killing of any kids of any colour or religion! But that does not Muslims do rather openly
they promote stabbings of men women and children especially if they are Jews and live in Israel.
But that too is according to UN just self defence ...
If we look at the situation today the most victim children are Christians from Syrian Iraq and and Yazidis and other religious minorities. Naturally they are all not Muslims.

The big difference between Israel and the Turkish situation is not only the religion but the fact that the Syrian kids don't run around with knives stabbing Turks! 
That the Turk's do them self's as we reported on some tome ago when friends of SDR took a vacation from hell in Turkey and the couple on a romantic journey from Finland got both kicked beaten and the man slashed by knives over 10 times ....Still it took us 2 full days to get one major Finnish media to report it . This while the Finnish embassy when called by the media said they have no knowledge of the matter. The Finnish lady Ambassador to Turkey is a strong believer in Turkey joining the EU and has won much sympathy naturally therefor locally in Ankara.
Its amazing how low someone can go just for the sake of a ones own career ambition.
Strategic Diplomatic Relations: Safety: Don’t travel to any Islamic Nation!

Turkey has threatened Russia Israel and many others like Egypt and are know to be the home of almost every Islamist bad guy in our modest opinion naturally. Hamas leaders and the leaders from Egypt's Brotherhood and Islamist´s from ISIS are all feeling very at home in Turkey....
Quite ironically the wrks think we westerners should also go there and mingle with the very people who hate us the most on this planet. 

We might add that Turkey is the nations that holds children labour by Syrian refugees rather openly and also provides most of the uniforms used by ISIS now!

ISIS uniforms prepared in Turkish sweatshop full of Syrian refugees captured in photographs | Daily Mail Online

Tourism is dead naturally in Turkey 
No wonder ....with their biggest Tourist customers gone after threatening Russia the rest just see a half empty beach ....and wonder why? Fact is that as we wrote before you wont be safe and if you get sick in Turkey they might try to press you for cash money even f you have a valid travel insurance 
(This we wrote about as well before please see the links below) 

We westerners are not so popular as we think in Turkey because just two days ago ...

UK rock band Radiohead have condemned an attack on people listening to their new album at a record store in the Turkish city of Istanbul.

Some 20 suspected Islamists beat up customers and staff for drinking alcohol and listening to music during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

Unconfirmed reports said one person was injured in the incident late on Friday.
A protest on Saturday against the attack was dispersed by police using water cannon and tear gas.
Radiohead described the assault on the Velvet Indieground store as an act of "violent intolerance".
Local media reports said the male attackers used sticks and bottles against those present.

At last but not least we leave you with the pictures showing the kind of multicultural we Westerners are given by the Muslims. And in this case Turks....


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