Monday, 20 June 2016

Why does UN NOT demand that Oil rich Muslims do anything for the Millions of Muslim refugees their religious and tribal wars create....

Refugees at highest ever level, reaching 65m, says UN…

And why should I care for people who reject my life and refuses the existence of Israel and who's religion encourages attacks on us in EU and US every day? 

The truth said I'm fed up and wish that Muslims like the Saudis take their own radicalized Islamists home and feed them.
They have so much money they can blackmail the entire US!  The Qataris have bought up a great part of London driving Lamborghini's and Ferrari's ...But not having money to feed their own brothers and sisters Muslims.

Dear Muslim Nations why don't YOU give ?
- We see you Saudi Arabia!
- We see you Bahrain!
- We see you Qatar! 
- We see you Kuwait!
- We see you Sultanate Brunei etc ...

You all have more money than anyone 
why not do your duty as good Muslims and take care of your own!
Don't you have any honour at all?
Seeing your britches begging Christians and Jews for help must not be a very proud  way for you to be living.
Why don't you reclaim your honour and help your own and feed them who have 7 kids and more per family!

Our Social was created for small families and wont last this sort of thing where Polygamy is OK and being unschooled is OK and treating women like lesser than your self is OK - Fact us all of this is NOT OK with us whom live here in the West!

There is no reason why on earth we should let your radicals come here just because you all teach hate and no education. 

That's not our way of life and we surely don't need such people in our midst! 

Take them NOW the Saudis lead the UN Human Rights Council so why not show your self good will and stop charging refugees for their work permits as its slavery and not help ...

The number of people displaced by conflict is at the highest level ever recorded, the UN refugee agency says.
It estimates that 65.3m people were either refugees, asylum seekers or internally displaced at the end of 2015, an increase of 5m in a year. The UN writes this towards the western World mainly who can read ...But we already have enough Somalis and Afghan and Iraqi problems and so please send them somewhere else and not to us!
The US has not taken many either ...China neither and India  neither .Don't you think there is good reason why no one wants these freeloaders who have a 12.000 US for smuggling but cant live in peace! Most people here don't have 12.000 on the bank and live in peace and its rather that we need namely people who pay taxes and work and follow the law and don't spread some sickening religious stone-age that should be prohibited just like the Old testament laws are not allowed in the west!

Manipulation managed to get millions here from Syria and Iraq man Somalia but when I look out of my window I see a Somali man living with two adult women speaking different dialects Arabic and calling them sisters and only one his wife when its obvious they are his wife´s. 
I had some former Muslims friends watching this and they said its obvious as the first wife always enters first be it car or house. This Somali man is radical Muslims and s he also would reject a woman being pregnant without any husband.  
See the second in Violet wife walk a little behind the first wife ....

The Somali man was schooled twice by tax payers money, but don't practise any of his skills. I offered him a job after he said its racist where we live, he never showed up for the job. Next thing I know he is 3 month on holiday and come back more radical than before not listening to music!  I know this is fact as I used to listen to Arabic songs with him and learn different Arabic accents with him. Now he refuses to listen even to Islamic religious Music. That's all what radicals like Saudi Arabia has brought to us! Not cars not educational benefits or anything to save lives ...Only radicalized persons. Its time for Saudi Arabia to take care of their own radicalized fruits, and not for us Israel loving Christian nations. All I'm willing to pay for is a stamp saying return to sender on own costs. Because I don't have 12.000 on my bank and neither does most of the common workers in the west. So to us this so called poor man is just a rich man running from his own land taking his money along leaving the rest to suffer even more.
Both Kurd and Somalis have told me they have seen rich Iraqis and Syrians driving trough this country and b´payed with big stacks of 100 € bills. One Kurds told me they payed him a hundred Euros in tip for 3 pizza (where he works hard) ...just to return after eating to the Migration center where they live not far away fro m where I live now.
So dear UN thanks but no thanks we know whats best for us already and its not war criminals and rich Arabs who wish top abuse the system and then have two wife's on social benefits with close to ten kids like this woman who just got shot next to the Turkish border.
The UN still bombards us with so called fact, which they them self's pure-select!
This represents one in every 113 people on the planet, the UN agency says.
Meanwhile, the UN refugee chief says a worrying "climate of xenophobia" has taken hold in Europe as it struggles to cope with the migrant crisis....
Really Xenophobia ? Is that's what it called to give people everything for free while the one poor have to stand on the street and wait for a soup kitchen..
Because that's what we see in Helsinki now, and the lines can be many kilometres  (Km). I have had many of my family and friends sexually approached and threatened to get raped by so called poor Syrians and Afghans in my own country as a thanks for helping them!
I'm sorry if I'm not more politically correct but I think the time has come to say STOP. And no more of this abuse of our welfare system. Give the people who come a free course on how to become a good person who builds himself up his home country by blood sweat and tears just like our parents did. Its wants free and most if us have paid very much for any Independence and lost family members. 
Enough is enough the rich Oil Arabs take care of the less oily Arabs. The should pay for refugees with many wife's who have almost ten kids and a extended close family of tens of people! I'm not willing to pay for Islamification of my surrounding as I do now! Most rich people are leaving Finland now to Monaco Andorra and Grand Cayman islands or then Panama  as they are fed up of the Government way of dealing with this. And economy in the EU that brakes its own laws levying all borders open making the shengen borders look like a bad joke at best.
If I'm wrong then they would not have left....would they ?
Please UN talk to whoever takes oil money in Iraq then they can pay for the refugees too as its more funding than we have to offer in the west!

Written exclusively for SDR by: Swartman Jr.