Monday, 18 July 2016


The last attack is no surprise to me as most my Jewish friends move away from France already in the start 90s due to the openly antisemitic policies allowing for instance sickening trends like a few years back when Arabs and also Mr Le Penn did the Nazi salute downward called  ….quenelle. This was done even in front of Auschwitz by French antisemites very openly and  the pictures where shared on the Internet like there is no tomorrow. However of this was a anti Muslim picture we would see every single person at court facing not only Arab death threats but the own EU laws that are more than very one sided! Basically the name justice cant be even used any longer as its not the same for all.

See the French Nazi Salute "Quenelle" here:

The Nazi greeting quenelle has been criticized by the French leaders but no one had to face trial 
like the two here in front of Anne Frank or the French police and army officers who did the same
while dressed in French State Uniform. The examples are more then just a few and the only reason for this is the disinterest by the French leaders to act , and that's that!

An Israeli reporter was shocked when a friendly French woman came to warn him that it is dangerous for him to be in France.

A concerned French citizen told a Channel 2 Israeli reporter that he should fear for his life.
She mentioned that the Arabs in Nice have a deep hatred for Israel and that he should be careful.

Where does the animosity come from?

Why can’t an Israeli journalist report on the tragedy that happened in Nice without having to look over his shoulder?

Watch as the woman, who was too afraid to appear on camera, warns the Israeli journalist.

We at SDR think its time that all Jews and supporters of Israel arm them self's legally.
Because an armed Israeli is noting some Arab messes with! 
Only unarmed civilians and most preferably women and kids are preferred victims, of the Islamists or French anti Semites.

We think the French have let it grow and even helped to to grow so it wont stop at this!
No matter what they can blame them self's for letting Muslims take over their moral and Culture regarding whats politically correct and whats not!  

Lets make a comparison example:  If a dog bites you 25 times and it looks like he same dog,  barks like the same dog, smells like the same dog. Should we doubt for a second that we have been bitten by the same dog? 
That's how France is now refusing to look at who and what bites.

Is it smart - absolutely not. 
Is it politically correct to be ignorant - Absolutely not.
And yet all this is French and EU politics summarized to the last detail.

We ask our readers to be more intelligent than the French leaders and get armed because in EU there is non whatever help against antisemites and pro Israel activists.

At last but not least: If you visit France you are not you do so at your own risk as its not going to be less terrorism as long as the leaders refuse to admit its one and the same dog biting them day in and day out!
All we can advise you is to learn to live with the fact that visiting France is a very bad idea be it holiday or busyness...

Not even the French like their own leaders now ....

The French prime minister was greeted by boos and calls to resign as joined thousands to remember the 84 victims of the lorry attack in Nice.

There were angry scenes as Manuel Valls arrived at the Monument du Centenaire ahead of a minute's silence.
As Valls laid a wreath, on the third day of national mourning, crowds booed and shouted "resign".
The government has faced criticism over national security after the country was hit by yet another terrorist attack.

Ex-President Nicolas Sarkozy has accused the government of bad policies which he says failed to prevent three major attacks in the past 18 months.
In the latest attack, Tunisia-born Mohamed Lahouiaej Bouhlel drove a 19-tonne lorry through the crowd celebrating France's national Bastille Day holiday.

A poll conducted four days after the attack in Nice found two-thirds of French people do not trust their government in the fight against terrorism.
Explaining the anger towards Valls, one French woman said people feel a stronger prime minister is needed amid the continued threat from terrorism.
"They want him (Mr Valls) to resign because he didn't put enough police on on the day," said the 60-year-old resident. "I was there (on Thursday) and didn't see police.
"It's terrible to say but we need a stronger prime minister with laws against radicalism.
"I am very sad. It (the attack) has broken families apart for nothing."

We at SDR don't have any but best of wishes for the French people to wake up before its to late .....