Monday, 25 July 2016

How many innocent children women and men need to die in the name of political correct consensus in EU?

Should all the attacks which have occurred  be able to happen in any civilised EU nation without any Political responsibility ? 

While the citizens die in France and in Germany constantly the politicians seem to think they can hide media and opinion forever. Its time that people and reality takes over where the so called politically correct consensus has left us!

After many attacks in France killing masses of people by Muslim so called extremists...

A week of bloody attacks involving migrants has frayed nerves in Germany, which led the way in accepting asylum seekers from Syria. 

Its amazing how un-grateful the Arab so called refugees are to Europeans for taking them and feeding them and giving them free health care,housing and money .....We hope this is what the politicians will use as a measure of realism in the future as its all the same all over EU.
We at SDR think think that Brexit is a direct result of this, and as well the indisputable end of the Schengen agreement that is broken by Muslims at will every day...
Thanks to Germany and Sweden open invitations to Syrians/Afghans/Iraqis etc we now see a Europe in dire need of law and orders the crime statistics show a scary fact that the politicians wont be able to hide even if they don't wish to name the origin of the criminal!

The statistics of rape for instance why is no one showing it before and after the invite ?
That's just a very legit question that we think here at SDR .

Written by Svartman Jr.