Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Israel’s ambassador to the UN demanded Lebanon Remove Hezbollah from Border

SDR wishes to visualise the situation to Europeans and Americans lets think just and ask anyone to follow our thoughts and try ti think hypothetical, in other words just try to imagine a situation that you yourself are in and not the Israelis.
This situation we now wish to describe can only be compared to if we imagine that; The US would find out that Mexico or Canada would let Russian or Chinese armed units gather at the US border.  
Its Absurd  "we know" but how else can one make the security situation for Israel easily understood by European or American common persons! Whats now taking place is a provocation by Lebanon to let loose the radicals who establish them selfs as a additional close protection border threat at the Israeli Lebanese border.  When we say to close then we think of 
armed people so close you could throw a kebab sandwich on them ......

Peace can be so easy why does not Lebanon take it ?

Lets all agree on one thing any new troops movements along any border gives reason for investing on further defence and its not much asked for Lebanon not to let a Iranian backed radical militant group 
to be on the border with Israel.

We at SDR ask is Lebanon really so dumb they wish a war with Israel now ?
Fact it that Israel has been prepared for a long tome not to be as surprised as last time Hezbollah attacked. we at SDR have understood that Israel would this time not leave the job half done and hit them so hard that it would take them 10 -20 years to rebuild and reface.

Such a comment cant and should not be ignored neither by Lebanon or Russia or US etc as it would impact all and everything now in the region stretching from Lebanon to Syria, destabilizing the areas even further .....

Further more this bad situation does not have to be if Obama and Secretary Kerry would speak out against these troops!

If not the we must assume US supports Hezbollah and its about as absurd situation as when when US ambassador Stevens was attacked and killed savagely at a US Embassy diplomatic territory while Obama was eating dinner ...
Its time to wake up not only when one African American person get killed in the US but when a entire nation is under threat of being slaughtered and massacred .....

About the video:
Israel’s ambassador to the UN demanded the removal of Hezbollah terrorists from southern Lebanon, noting the growing number of missiles in their possession and their placement near schools and homes.

At a special United Nations Security Council meeting Tuesday on the situation in the Middle East, Israeli Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon presented new intelligence about Hezbollah in southern Lebanon.

He showed aerial photographs of terrorist activity adjacent to schools and presented statistics showing that the terror organization now has more missiles below ground in Lebanon than the European NATO allies combined have above ground.

Watch as Ambassador Danon demands the UN Security Council act to remove Hezbollah from Israel’s border.