Saturday, 2 July 2016

Special announcement: New Trolling Observation Group created on LinkedIn

Within the next few the founding of a new "So called" Trolling Observation Group will be created on the social network LinkedIn.  The group is created mainly for persons wishing to protect the west  and to try to detect Tolling patterns and origin.
The general idea is to debate profiling and data of conformed or possible recognised Trolls harassing diplomats and decision makers Journalists and other people who can be of harm towards the trolls who usually are representing a few decision makers ....In other words these are ongoing real-time  cluster attack´s by proxy in any shape and size.
Very little is know or told in the media of what a real troll is when used as a tool for warfare. 
We have noticed that some in the US just out of comfort name someone who they don't like as a Russian Troll. This does distorts the entire profiling of any Troll and their goals hence his group where victims and specialists and observers can meet in peace and discuss the matter, in a polite and amicable manner.

Trolling is a mixture of physical and media harassment and cyber war. 
We have recently reported on Trolling of US diplomat families and their families ....This should not be tolerated in the name of politically correct. Neither should it be confronted one by one but rather taken out at the source...
For now we resources being spent massively and thats the entire idea of Trolling to get the enemy to feel stalked and helpless and have them out of fear to demand more help that naturally furthers feeds the trolls as the enemy engages more funds than the original trolls cost.

This private group will only accept people who apply who are suitable for the group by its managers.

People from Armed forces, Law-enforcement,  various areas of security, Academical experts,  Global Security visionaries and Think Tank members  are most welcome. critter for mebership is the applicant don't work or represent any nation practicing this sort of warfare on civilians in the west.