Thursday, 21 July 2016

The Future of the West will become West again !

Today we will show you what the west will look like very soon and it wont
be any good one for people who have been anti Israel and and antisemite.
It wont be good for Arabs pretending they want peace when they grow their children
to hate Jews and to kill them.....

It wont be  good future for Muslims trying to talk away their hate against West
because for all there will be consequences.

Just to Join NATO wont make you protected by US either as the so called new NATO
has been riding on the US goodwill long enough.

Trump is about to become President of  The worlds most powerful nation and he is
not like many European national leaders without power....
Most EU leaders have been hiding behind their antisemitism and political Obama
correct giving in to any and all by Muslims ....
They wont see neither co-operation or time by Donal Trump as he makes it very clear
that he is intending to make US great again and no one will be able to piggyback
their way into anything.

To us at SDR this is like Christmas and Hanukkah in one and the same time.

Mirror mirror on the wall
 please tell us whats the political reality and the goal:
See the great realty check here:

SDR wishes to thank Jack A  for this video