Wednesday, 6 July 2016

The Killing Silence of the World Leaders leads to Christians Facing Extinction in Iraq

Did you know that while Christian Yazidis and Jews are being slaughtered US Secretary of State John Kerrey travels to Saudi Arabia?  

The national spokesman for Iraqi Christians, Mark Arabo, spoke out against ISIS and praised President Obama for authorizing military action in Iraq.  “They are systematically beheading children, and mothers and fathers. The world hasn’t seen an evil like this for a generation. There’s actually a park in Mosul [where] they’ve actually beheaded children and put their heads on sticks. [These are] crimes against humanity.

Shame on all the Western leaders equally be it EU orUS, all of them are now too n part of a criminal silence created by Islamist media Trolls and Islamist pressure hidden behind the name: Politically correct!

There is only one correct and that is help people in need and don't support people who kill your friends and neighbours if you want your culture to continue to play even a small insignificant part of the world we live in.....

We must be open and we must not accept evil but what our leaders do is to talk of political correct while the ones they shield with such terms are killing millions of men women and children!

Dear readers is there anything that's unclear in these words?

There is only one fact and one matter that is urgent now in the world and that is to save the little there is left of a proud and gentle people who have lived for thousands of years in Iraq and the ME!

The Christian population in Iraq has now diminished to an alarming 50,000 to 250,000, compared with 1.4 million in 2003. They were either massacred by jihadists or abducted.

The Christian population has fallen from the turn of the century in Turkey from 6% to a numbers so small that it doesn't even reach the 1% !

This is the same fact all over the Islamic world ...

Yesterday US John Kerry traveled to Saudi Arabia after the Attack that sadly killed some persons ....while its in proportion to the killings of Christians and other religious minorities within Islamic nations is like a drop in the sea.

Saudi Arabian is one of most guilty ones to instigate these killings by sending billions after Billions of dollars around the world to build radical Wahhabi madrassas (religious schools)
and so called Cultural centers that teaches the same sickening worship of death.
The radical Wahhabi religion is having almost a identical punishment code as ISIS Mr Kerry!
And you and Obama sponsor such sickening terror viruses.

SDR will once again show US Secretary of State Kerry and US President  Obama and you again a visual chart proving that ISIS and Saudi Arabian teachings of right and wrong are almost identical.

Remains just to question are we ruled by the lowest elements possible and have the one cell organisms taken over UN and world leaderships?

What you see here has many times been published by us and test still the common mesa refuses to show the same to the common man in EU and US alike!
This is the media silence dear reader ....that kills and kills over and over and is just as responsible as the ones holding a sword or a gun......

See this reality check and ask your self "if" your leader and media is honest?

So if this is reality regarding Christians in ME and any Islamic nation... Then we ask you kindly to try to find the Jews that at the begin of the century where a part of all the ME and the Gulf. 

This internationally neglected fact, and tabu stamped genocide! 
The amount of victims must have been many times the population of Israel is today.... 

This we say as history books  wrongly claim they all just did flee. 
If someone would just bother to count then the fact would prove it self as a crime of silence one again.

Written by: Svartman Jr for SDR.