Friday, 1 July 2016

Svartman Jr: UN Really ?

Strategic Diplomatic Relations blog wish the our readers to learn about the UN status given to Saudi Arabia to lead the UN Human Rights Council ...Only two days ago Amnesty International asked the UN to suspend Saudi Arabia from the Human Rights Council ! Why does the media stay silent on such a matter that is the ultimate proof that the so called politically correct silence about Arab nations must come to an end.

Suspend Saudi Arabia from UN Human Rights Council | Amnesty International

Here below is is a chart showing the Islamic State punishments and the almost identical Saudi Arabian laws. Only the corrupt and most ignorant would appoint Saudi Arabia  to host a Human Rights Council that is suppose to work against human right crimes that they them selfs commit every day them selfs.

Here the absolute indisputable horrifying reality check on this matter 

Other news in the past reporting on this matter ...

Report written exclusively for SDR by: Svartman Jr