Saturday, 16 July 2016

U.S Presidential Candidate Donald Trump comments on Nice, France Terrorist Attack

After years of living in denial under the Obama´s restricted multi culture that only includes one 
alternative in culture namely Islam its most refreshing to hear a possible leader of US say it as it is:
Namely a war on the west and not some thousands of cluster attacks from a unknown and in the moist cases EU and US has used the term unstable or mentally ill ....Why not call all Muslims who support this then mentally ill if its like this we ask openly, the ones who report this in the media?

Fact is that we live at war with Islam and the ones who represent it has come a long way surfing on the goodwill of western tolerance. 
Be aware that Islamic leaders denial is shallow while promoting a goal to make all the world Muslim be it by overpopulating the local population or by terror.
If the west don't wake up sooner than later then we will all see more Burqa´s than bikinis and shorts.

Its the last chance for westerners to listen tom the voice of reason...when voting next time!
Politically correct is no better than Stalin or Hitler as it spies on the local tax paying population rather than the Muslims who alone are to blame for all the terror we see today. European banks are required to report on US double citizens savings and transactions in EU while nothing is reported on Muslim savings and money transactions! This while the same European and US banks keep hiding the money of the very rich  elite in Panama without any consequences...If we summarize  this we see that our security is worth nothing to Obama and EU while spying on the regular Joe's is the common practise!

Racial profiling is wrong but not radical philosophical/religious profiling!

SDR thinks that Islamic terrorists only understand power. 
The U.S. needs to unleash the whole might of our Armed Forces 
on all terrorists and the governments that support them..