Monday, 25 July 2016

Young Israeli woman tourist 'gang-raped' in India

Rape center of tourists has now maybe reached its its own destruction of tourism as a is young Israeli woman has been raped. Its a long Israel tradition for young people to take all their savings after completing the 2 year long army service wish is compulsory for men and women alike, will this now continue ?

In the last ten years the rapes of many western tourists has made the tourism decline in India and that not without reason as traditionally moderate Indian Muslims have awoken and rather openly embraced radical Islam. 

Israeli tourism has been a part of the Indian landscape as one of the most dominant visitors to India.
However time has been ticking when India´s supremacist men will also destroy this very lucrative income for India. SDR says this as young Israelis are know to search for places of peace where they can rest after the army services ....and now that is taken away! 
Indians might think they can see this under the carpet but the rest of the world wont do that !

It wont take long before India's tourism will look more like the Egyptian one thats missing out almost completely on western tourism after all the attacks on tourist destinations.

The young 25-year-old Israeli woman has been  gang raped in a moving car in India's Himachal Pradesh state. (The Israel hating BBC writes naturally write she was allegedly raped )

The Indian Police said the woman mistook the car for a taxi and boarded it on Sunday morning in the popular town of Manali to go to a neighbouring district.
There were six men in the car and two of them allegedly raped the tourist, police said.

Manali is a popular Himalayan destination among foreigners and domestic tourists.

The woman was trying to reunite with her friends in Keylong when she boarded the car, police said.
Superintendent of Police Padam Chand told the AFP news agency that a search operation had been launched to arrest the accused. "We are examining CCTV footage and hope to nab the culprits. 
The Israeli embassy has been informed," Mr Chand said.
SDR feel it must be added that CCTV is almost not to be found around India so the comment can be written off as words thrown at the foreign media who don't know the reality in India.
Sad however is to see that the police is underestimating foreign knowledge of India this much!
Its in the same time a reality check for you if ever intend to visit India.
Another fact is as well that I have been waiting for ambulances in New Delhi where it took the ambulance 2 hours to arrive and as well in some remote parts where there are no ambulance services at all.  Indians in general don't stop if they see a wonder person in order not to be blamed by the police. So don't be surprise if you see someone driven over bleeding on the side of the road while locals walk calmly by , doing absolutely nothing !

No security for women
Manali is frequented by foreigners due to its picturesque valleys, but the security of women remains a concern. An American woman was raped in Manali in 2013 by three men when she boarded a truck.

Scrutiny of sexual violence in India has grown since the 2012 gang rape and murder of a student on a Delhi bus.

The 2012 incident led to protests and new anti-rape laws in India. However, brutal sexual attacks against women and children continue to be reported across the country.
We at SDR however have spend time in India since the 1970s so its hard to fool us with half comments as the truth is that the only demonstrations against rape have taken place as a result of rapes on Indian women alone! No one protest has taken place for any raped tourist ever.
Its easy to confirm by googling Indian rape demonstrations and look at the stories and what trip´greed the protests... We say this as the Indians generally have changed from being one of the most kind and hospitable to something which docent care of you anything except for what you give them.

India would need foreigners to be safe as India still is  a million miles away from their neighbour China when it comes to manufacturing anything meeting western standards. 
Thats why we in the west don't see any computers or cars or cameras made in India for sale.

So if India continues this path they will see more closed doors for their own citizens who are flooding the West as they cant find employment locally unless its IT related programming.

Lets not forget about this reacent picture taken in India 
as it represents the new Indian Muslim radicalism!