Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Belgium’s Molenbeek is widely the known hotbed for violent Islamist extremism

Earlier this year, Lauren Southern went to Europe on assignment for TheRebel.media. In this previously unaired clip of her trip to Molenbeek, Belgium, she interviews residents of the Muslim-majority area
A group of angry Muslim men tried swarming  journalist Lauren Southern who visited all-Moslem ghettos in Europe, including Molenbeek, Belgium, from where many Islamic State attacks have been organized. 
She discovered that the vast majority of these immigrants favor Sharia Law…

Why Lauren Southern needed security to walk through Molenbeek, Belgium

This is a sad reality in many of the so called Muslim "no go areas of EU "  and we ask the EU leaders to STOP letting this radicalism and separatism became more endemic on EU instead of integration!  This as integration has been the main goal and not a separate state within our own system thats based upon the fact that the woman and men work. If only one man work with 4 wife's and 20 kids all our social benefits will be gone within a very short time! 

It should also not be allowed as its now to bring here a second and third wife just because they where married in a place where such was the culture and laws! And also marriages established by Mosques should have too be registered with the local authorities in order to be considered legal.
And a document of such should be a must for the married couple to own as proof of legality.

If this is not the case "anyone can claim that he married his friends A and B" in the name of Alice in Wonderland religion or any other name ...and that the Govt need to accept it!

Just because we walk in bikinis and shoes does not give us the rights to do so in Muslim Nations where we need to be aware of their culture.

If  integration is not the agenda then we could rent land in Afghanistan and send our own EU staff to build for Muslim special accommodations as refugees without having to worry that they walk around the corner and blow something up!

EU must rent refugee areas in places where there are no contradictions with the local population like inIndia or Afghanistan or even  Africa …Economic reality check: We can house a million people here with then same sum that we can house 10 millions in India or Afghanistan.