Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Fearless in Finland

The following video is In English  and was held by speaker Mr Michel Paula at a "Finland First "demonstration held in Helsinki  05. 08. 2016.

The openly held demonstration against Finnish EU membership and against Islamification.
SDR does not support some of the people taking part in this demonstration but agree with Michel Paulat and "Finland First Movement" that leaving EU is a good idea and also that that 99.9% of all terrorism is by Muslims from various directions with Shia and Sunni and Wahhabi etc all telling about each other that the other one is NOT the true Islam. This is how they speak about ISIS too while the ISIS silently gets support by many Muslims within EU and in the West.

SDR is for multiculturalism that is not forced and embraced by own choice.
SDR however distances it self from force-fed Islamification. With is denying us to stand up for Israel and the old Christian Judeo traditions freely!

To us at SDR Islamism is a life ideology with its own laws and wishes for world domination, and so its nothing less then Communism or Nazism or Stalinism etc who are totalitarian and give no space for other ideologies.

SDR believes in laws and are utmost angered regarding Muslims braking the laws openly with Polygamy,  Female Genital Mutilations and insisting on flagging their faiths in our faces by dressing and behaving differently than the locals. Imagine if we would walk around with a bible in swimwear and bikinis in Saudi Arabia or Iran etc ....How would they react?

Bringing this sort of intolerance to EU would be Fine if they would stay in the nations that invited them like Sweden and Germany. The rest of us where never asked about this matter and should according to our constitutions have a right to choose if we wish to be flooded by Arabs or Muslims in general....

Its time that local people where given the rights to choose about their own nations and own lives.