Saturday, 20 August 2016

Germany's call for burka ban in Public

We at SDR in opposite to BBC wish that Germany's interior minister has his way, Muslim women will be banned from covering their faces in nurseries, schools and universities, in public offices and courts and while driving.  

Thomas de Maiziere has stopped short of proposing a complete ban. It is widely accepted that to totally ban the burka would violate Germany's constitution, which fiercely upholds the right to religious freedom.

However constitutional or not would any EU land wish for its citizens to pay for someone else’s choice of lifestyle? In this case we at SDR wonder how EU and Germany and France at the front want its citizens to pay for unemployment for a woman who cant work legally almost anywhere AND MEET SAFETY STANDARDS!

No one in the EU media has asked any of the safety and tax questions we write about here. 

(And most certainly BBC has no intention to rethink its pro Islamist writing indoctrination of their readers misleading them, while writing half truths! )

The minister said he and his fellow conservatives completely opposed the burka or, for that matter, any other full face veil.
"It doesn't fit into our open society," said Mr de Maiziere.
"Showing your face is fundamental for communication, for the cohesion of our society."

Two issues will dominate next year's general election in Germany; how to integrate more than a million asylum seekers, (Who mostly refuse to see West as morally acceptable) And foremost how to tackle the threat posed by Islamist terrorism.
Reality on the matter however is simple: The philosophy and religion named Islam is the only reason for all the terrorist deeds and killings so if we don’t want Islamist terror we need to prohibit Islam! (Its actually that simple)

Both terror and so called Muslims integrating into Western society issues have become  the subject of ridiculous over-sensitive public debate! Quite naturally Angela Merkel's "pseudo conservatives" are losing votes to the right wing anti-Islam party Alternative fuel Deutschland.

The party is expected to take seats in parliament for the first time next year and it's polling at 19% of the vote in Mecklenburg Vorpommen and 14% in Berlin.
Both regions will hold state elections in September. It was no accident that the interior ministers of both states accompanied Mr de Maiziere as he made his announcement on Friday. BBC shamefully calls this an unashamed attempt to lure back voters. It seems BBC is wanting all the EU to pay for covered faces! Imagine getting payed unemployment and drive car like a blind bat…. 
Most EU citizens are utterly fed up to pay up for Muslims DEMANDS from NON MUSLIMS that they don’t give in return!

If you don’t believe us please just ask anyone sitting at the Arab side of peace talks with Israel if they accept Israel as a nation or even accept Jews to live in Jerusalem etc..
The Muslims are openly racist and BBC and its antisemitic followers tend to comfortably forget the main questions we are confronted with.

SDR does not promote hate propaganda and racism and hence oppose Islam to be a legal philosophy in the west. No one should openly be able to intimidate and threaten and kill people on a daily basis and get away with it !
Islam is nothing short of what Apartheid once was.