Saturday, 27 August 2016

How BBC keeps rubbing Islamic horrible traditions into our faces every day...

Today BBC again reports on islamic Halal.   Im not a Muslim don't want to be one ever. Why should I like it or wish to understand it as the Muslims don't care about my or my wife's religions either ..And thats OK by me. How about BBC letting us all have our own pride once and for all!

My wife believes in blessed food. And would never ever accept to be fed food blessed by another religion then her own!

The BBC obviously don't want my wife to not have such a choice? What about the majority of non Muslim citizens don't we deserve the right to bless our own food?

Why does BBC never report on Buddhist or Hindi or Jewish, Christian or Bahai and other religions?
Why are we only brainwashed by BBC and now they report on how Halal food is changing UK ...
Yes it is and its disgusting that we have to eat food blessed by another religion than our own !

We at SDR oppose Halal Slaughter within the EU as its cruel and detesting at best for any westerner. 
This is what BBC don't show you !

The following pictures talk for them selfs :

We must refuse to have our  own religious prayers replaced by Muslim prayers and slaughter on all food we eat!
To force it upon us is a ethical crime!

Here the link to BBCs promotional Islamist reporting today......