Sunday, 14 August 2016

Merkel´s Germanisthan: The billions of euros and civil rights loss is the price we non muslims pay for Muslim special freedom

This is reality is what we see in the news each week.....
Germany's interior minister, Thomas de Maiziere, has recently unveiled a long list of anti-terror measures: thousands of new police officers, billions of euros for the security services, better cyber intelligence and faster deportation of foreign criminals. These words at last admits that Germany is flooded with "Foreign" code word for Muslim migrant crime .
This was, of course, in one sense about reassuring the German public. It is not the first time the government has announced anti-terror measures. But it is also the response to what are thought to have been the first terror attacks on German soil inspired by so-called Islamic State (IS). What is tells is: "inspired " but not actually the guilty for having sympathy for something that no one in Germany seems to understand and that is that: Saudi Arabian Wahhabi Sharia and the IS laws are almost identical and we can prove out here and now! 

Please compare the two and ask your self is only IS is to blame or Islam it self?

The price in lives we pay for having Muslim migrants:
Last month, in the town of Ansbach, a Syrian man wounded 15 people when he blew himself up at a music festival. A few days earlier, a teenager attacked passengers on a train with an axe
But Germany has not experienced a major co-ordinated terror attack on the scale of those perpetrated on Paris or Brussels - yet. Security sources fear it may be a matter of time. 
Deputy head of the Bavarian intelligence agency, Manfred Hauser, says "the risk is abstract but very high that we have hit squads and sleeper cells in Germany... We have clear signs that an IS command structure exists. There may be someone within it who is responsible for planning attacks in Germany."
Mr Hauser says his agents are investigating a substantial number of reports that suggest IS has exploited the migrant crisis, sending in teams of people - the "hit squads" - disguised as refugees to prepare attacks. 
IS is also believed to be targeting young asylum seekers whose experiences may have left them traumatized and vulnerable to radicalization. 
"One reason it's hard to be certain is we don't know exactly who's come into the country as a refugee," says Mr Hauser. "Many of the refugees weren't registered. 
That makes it very difficult for the intelligence services to determine which dangerous individuals have come into the country."  And, he adds, there's another group of people which worries the authorities - "people who have returned from Syria or Iraq who have had weapons training there, were trained in terrorism and have been brutalized by taking part in armed fighting. This is a very dangerous group of people."
It's estimated that more than 800 Germans may have fought in Syria or Iraq. Around a third are thought to have returned to Germany. 
Those with dual nationality will be stripped of their German citizenship, the interior minister said on Thursday.
Recent polls suggest around three quarters of Germans are worried by the threat of terror. The co-author of one study, Prof Manfred Schmidt from Heidelberg University, was quoted as saying: "People used to worry about money, health and the environment. This has been replaced by terrorism and extremism."
The perceived link between that terror threat and the arrival of more than a million people seeking asylum in the country (both of last month's attackers entered the country as asylum seekers) is problematic for Germany's politicians.  Two questions - how to keep Germany safe  (While forgetting the rest of EU!!!!)  and how to integrate the new arrivals... (That ´s idiotic as we have already seen isn't working with a generation of Turkish former Guest workers who more than often barely manage to speak German language after 40 years)  
Quite naturally this "Merkel idiocracy" will have a impact on the elections: Bear in mind the mainstream parties here have lost votes to the populist, right-wing Alternative für Deutschland. And the fierce political, and public, debate around the terror threat now goes well beyond the question of domestic security. 

Mr de Maiziere, for example, is under pressure from some of his fellow conservatives to impose a ban on the burka and to outlaw dual citizenship. Arguably, Germany is at a crossroads, facing profound questions about what kind of society it wants to be.
Take the country's defence minister, Ursula von der Leyen, who wants to call in the military to work alongside the police in the event of terrorist attacks. Armed German soldiers haven't deployed on German soil since World War Two. With this call, she has raised a sensitive ,and for some, taboo a subject.
Estranged and disillusioned academic idiots like Prof Michael Wolfssohn, a German historian, believes there is a fundamental shift in German thinking. In Europe, he says, "we are going through an historic change. As long as we had no real terrorist threat in Germany but rather a theoretical one, this discussion remained theoretical. 
We at SDR seriously wonder where Mr Michael Wolfssohn got his Professors degree? Palestine? Or by IS? How many dead does out take for a Professor to get some whet ever little empathy for all the hundreds of victims the last few months within EU!
Equally unnerving for many are the debates around privacy. There are calls for more video surveillance and for the use of facial recognition software in public places. And whats wrong with that we ask if the German authorities would have registered all the migrants by their own names and real identities . But as long as they haven't the only ones being spied upon is YOU the taxpaying idiot who voted for these idiots with titles given Alice in Wonderland.
The government wants to begin talks with doctors about how and when it's appropriate to share information with the authorities about a patient who may pose a risk to public safety. This they say and its as shallow as it sounds as they avoid the simple signs of radicalism like Female Genital Mutilation by kids who have been brought up in Germany! SDR has tried to talk to various officials in EU and non of them would get into the fact in depth avoiding the idea of a woman nurse checking all girls on health matters also looking at this matter that all to often has been performed under most primitive circumstances.
Fact remains that the most important matters regarding safety have been avoided in Germanistahan and EU in general and they are many, in the name of politically correct. Here  are a few examples:
1. Translated papers from any Arab nation doesn't have rules on how names are translated like the following name Muhammed. Its too easy to change Arab names time after time by just claiming its written wrong and so str get a new identity! Examples: Muhamad, Muhammad, Huhemmed, Muhammed. Or Hussain, Hussein, Husni, Hushein, Hossain, Hessein....Ali can be Aleh or Eleh ....Osman can be Ozman, Osmhan, Izman, Izam, and the story goes on like this endlessly and will do so untill a rule and proper translation is found so that terrorists cant change name once they enter a new country or authority  by claiming their name was written wrong.
2. Religious state control so that Polygamy and fake birth certificates cant be issued! This should require each marriage at a mosque to be registered at the local Magistrate so that no certificate i issued with a back-date etc.... 
3. The official recognition that the philosophy and religion Islam is teaching violence and encourages the braking of laws made by man and teaches that their philosophy is to be prioritised no matter where or what the matter is. Such encouraging of lawbreaking cant be allowed if motorcycle so called outlaw gangs with the 1% sign are prohibited then this should be nothing less. Many nations have now made it illegal wear gang affiliated west´s. So we ask why not others teaching to not comply to the legal system of the Nation in question. Fact is we cant have dual laws and dual ways of life within a society!  The following  leaflet was distributed in Germany some years back by a Muslim org animation on how to conquer the West by polygamy ....Should distributing this sort of encouraging of braking the laws be ignored as it is now in Germany?
The biggest obstacle however is:
The official so called highly-charged debates for Germany, a country which values privacy and where many still remember life under a regime which routinely spied on its own citizens will only become worse as most Muslims change names like there was no limit ...
Modern Germany prides itself on its civil freedoms, that are as idiotic as the laws existing in the book Alice in Wonderland!  
The dilemma facing Germans  leaders are now is how to keep its citizens safe from Merkel's idiocratic political correct or better yet: CENSORSHIP! This while safeguarding the values only Muslims cherish.