Saturday, 6 August 2016

Muslim Migrant Gang Firebombs Bus in Paris! (Video)

We have  understandable delay reporting this as most large media has not reported this at all.....Why not?  Well they seem to get away with it and France has had so many attacks that, people have stopped counting....

The latest attack to place in Paris!
Screaming 'Allahhu Akbar,' the gang ambushed a passenger bus in the Saint-Denis district early in the morning on July 28. The masked men set up a road block, threatened the bus driver, smashed the windows and set the bus on fire. 

The passengers escaped before one of the men thew a Molotov Cocktail into the driver's side, causing a loud explosion. 

The bus burnt down to a metal hull. Ask your self did your local news at all report this ?
If not then it would be high time you ask them why not?
Because if this continues this way the next step will be no reports at all!