Sunday, 14 August 2016

Thailand: Muslim Bomb Blasts Target Mainly Western Tourists

We have a question why on earth would any non Muslim take a holiday in a land populated by Muslims? Haven't we seen enough yet ?

The BBC makes the headline no religious and distances it from Muslims wrongfully and very intentionally making them reach the very rock bottom of truthful reporting and join the media owned by political propaganda ….

The BBC writes the following :

A series of blasts across Thailand has targeted tourist towns, killing four people and injuring dozens.
Four bombs exploded in the resort town of Hua Hin, while several blasts hit the island of Phuket, a top tourist destination, all within a 24-hour period on Thursday and Friday.
No group has said it carried out the attacks, but suspicion is likely to fall on separatist insurgents.

The timing is sensitive, as Friday is a holiday marking the queen's birthday.

The attackers ( "appear to attack"  writes BBC incorrectly ) while it should be written the attackers intentionally focusing on tourist hot-spots!

Four blasts over 24 hours in Hua Hin where two people have died
Two blasts in Surat Thani where one person has died
Two blasts in the tourist beach town of Patong on Phuket island
One blast in Trang where one person has died
Blasts in the beach province of Phang Nga

Hua Hin is about 200km (125 miles) from Bangkok while the province of Phuket is in the far south. 
Both places, as well as Phang Nga are known for their scenic beaches. 

There were two explosions in Surat Thani in front of police stations within the space of half an hour.

BBC wonders who could be behind the attacks? SDR wishes to answer this with a question; 
Which terrorists bombings have not been by some sort of militant Muslims and we refuse to cake such large amount terrorists and intros impossible to supply so much areas around the world without Government support somewhere.

Anyone who can count 2+2 will see that gangsters and criminals look like beggars compared to Muslims terrorists who have in general machine gins or assault rifles and plastic explosives mostly found in armed stockpiles.

The Thai Police said they had detained some suspects but ruled out international terrorism writes BBC again ....while living out that most likely local Muslims terrorists 
linked to the southern insurgency where behind the bombs etc....

A spokesman said "fire bombs" had caused some of the explosions.
The BBC's Jonathan Head in Bangkok says that if southern rebels are behind these attacks, it would mark a significant change of tactics. 

The 12-year conflict in the South has killed more than 6,000 people, but has never targeted tourists but why would they not as well evolve as neither did Arab Muslims terrorists kill tourists before A Qaeda and the Taliban and the Iranian uprising 1979.

Standard comments such as Security has been tightened in the tourist areas and at airports in southern Thailand where issued ...but, if someone has remotely something called a brain he will stay away from any country with a Muslims Minority with a history of violence against westerners  like: Turkey ,Pakistan,India,  Egypt , The Gulf States in general!
We at SDR cant warn you enough to do such no matter how tempting pictures look. 

Better safe than sorry Israel has fantastic beaches and is safer than all the Islamic neighbouring nations counted together!