Sunday, 21 August 2016

The Corsican Burkini Battle


According to Nicolas Bessone, prosecutor of Bastia, Corsica, three Muslim brothers arrived on the beach on Saturday with their female companions and attempted to "privatize" it. 
The Muslim women, contrary to initial press reports, were not wearing burkinis but were swimming in full Islamic dress!!!

Muslim arrogance and intolerance towards non Muslims
The first incidents broke out early in the day when the Muslims put up a no entry sign to keep people from coming on to the beach....claiming a public beach for their Muslim women to swim in full Islamic dresses. 

Question: Would you accept if some Arab Muslims suddenly claimed your local beach for them selfs because they cant adjust to western ways of life ?

A couple already on the beach were forced to leave, as were two young boys canoeing in the creek. Tourists, including a Belgian who took a photograph and local passers-by who got too close were insulted, threatened and pelted with stones...
A group of village teenagers then arrived on the beach as they usually did on a Saturday afternoon. At this point the situation deteriorated and conflicting versions were given to the investigators. 
One local teenager claimed he was hit by one or more of the three Muslim males, the father of the teenager was informed his son was being molested and when he arrived on the scene he too was beaten. 
Several witnesses indicated to the police that harpoons and a baseball bat were used in the attack. (It seems like the Arabs had come well prepared for a confrontation)
 Anyone knowing Corsica should now better then to start a brawl and that includes any Arabs on this planet as Corsicans are know trough out the history never to give in to outsiders! But instead of stopping the brawl the Arabs kept going on ...Where afterdozens of angry villagers then arrived on the beach and in turn physically attacked the Muslims, before the gendarmes arrived and stopped the fight.

Normal hard working locals versus known drug dealing criminal Arabs.
The three Muslim brothers aged around 30 and two villagers, a 50-year-old baker and a 21-year-old municipal employee, were interrogated on Wednesday evening. The two villagers were released and will appear in court on Thursday August 18 with the three Muslims, who were already known to the police, one of them for drug-dealing and resisting arrest.

"All the protagonists deny they hit the others," revealed a police source. The prosecutor concluded that "on the one hand, there was a gangster-style attempt to take over the beach, then the prosecutor dared to claim that: On the other an overreaction on the part of the villagers." Really ? What would you do if your son and others where neaten up by Arab Criminals ? Wait for the politically correct police to say poor Arabs, because thats what happens all over France now! 

This is Corsica! 
On Wednesday evening, around 500 people, including local politicians, assembled outside the Borgo gendarme station to show their support for the two villagers being interrogated.
 The prosecutor’s conclusions play down the role of Islamic radicalism in the affair, but the fact that the women were not wearing burkinis but full Islamic dress is immaterial. 
There was a deliberate attempt by the family to take over a public beach and prevent others from using it through verbal and physical violence. 
There could not be a clearer demonstration that they are refusing to coexist with the local population and prefer to live apart. Such an attitude can only be driven by religious radicalism and hostility to France.
 Meanwhile, the ban on burkinis by four French mayors and others set to follow suit with the backing of Prime Minister Manuel Valls has met with negative reactions from Muslim opinion leaders. And should include Muslim women dressed on full Islamic dresses that are even more unFrench than the burini´s!

The supremacist Muslim lobby: The CCIF (Collective against Islamophobia in France) challenged the decree by David Lisnard, the mayor of Cannes, in court and lost. They have now lodged an appeal with France’s highest court, the Council of State. The French Human Rights League that should be prohibited using the name after failing to stand up for Jews and other minorities should be taken to court and renamed The French Muslims Rights or something not misleading that Muslims represent Humans rights in any way, anywhere on this planet. This so called Human Rights group has issued proceedings at the Administrative Tribunals of the four towns concerned by the ban, seeking to have it overturned. Activist group SOS Racism most likely containing more Muslims members then a Mosque in Morocco also opposes the ban, accusing the mayors of “malevolence towards the Arab-Muslim population.” 

The ban has not stopped Muslim women from frequenting the beaches at Cannes sporting burkinis, as the fine is far too small to make it economically impossible to wear such dresses at local beaches. 

On Saturday, August 14, a 29 year-old woman was fined by municipal police officers for wearing a burkini, followed by a 32-year-old on Sunday and a 57-year-old on Monday. Six other women swimming in burkinis were not fined but given a formal warning and left the beach “without difficulty.”
 Meanwhile, Franco-Algerian businessman and political activist Rachid Nekkaz has offered to pay the $45 fines imposed on women who flout the burkini ban. He made a similar offer after the burka was banned in 2010, setting up a $1 million fund “for the defense of liberty” and stating that some words full of lies  about him personally opposed to the wearing of the burka, I believe that in a democracy nobody has the right to prevent a person wearing a garment of their choice as long as the garment does not represent a danger to the freedom of others or national security.”  
If he is so sensitive to free dress-code why has he not issued body guards for Jews who now cant wear a small hat or dress without being attacked almost anywhere in France!  Quite frankly people like political activist Rachid Nekkaz are the greatsest danger to a free society as they try to cover up and talk them selfs away from the true radical ideas they support .  
At last by least something to reflect on by the French prosecutors regarding  Rachid Nekkaz supporting democratic dress code....
If its as he claims then stands up for democratic freedoms  then: Why cant he pay for the lawyers of  the Danish Cartoonist or Salman Rushdie who both only used their democratic freedoms and who has had to suffer far more than any burking wearing individual. And where is his help to the Jews who get attacked for wearing a small Jewish Kippa anywhere in today´s France!  This has to be spoken out loud for the French prosecutors as they should be hiding out of shame! 

SDR fully supports Corsica and always will.