Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Turkish tanks roll into Syria not to attack IS but use it as a excuse to attack Kurd forces

Turkish tanks and other vehicles have rolled across the Syrian border after heavy shelling of an area held by so-called Islamic State (IS).
Military sources told Turkish media 70 targets in the Jarablus area had been destroyed by artillery and rocket strikes, and 12 by air strikes. 
Turkish-backed Syrian rebels are accompanying the Turkish advance. We at SDR wonder who these Syrian rebels are? With a great certainty they are and west and any US and Israel so we wonder how Mr Biden will explain this to the US and other media without looking like Pinocchio ?
President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Operation Euphrates Shield was aimed against both IS and Kurdish fighters. We at SDR believe he doesn't aim for IS at all as his son is selling their oil since a very long time according to many Intel sources and Russian public media!
Turkey shelled Syrian Kurdish forces in the region this week, determined not to let them fill the vacuum if IS leaves.
The concern in Ankara is that the Kurds could create an autonomous area close to the border which might foster Kurdish separatism within Turkey itself, our correspondent says.
We ask the alleged supporters of Palestine why they don't stand up for Kurd people having a home land? The same question one should ask Mr Kerry. Its like a very sick joke when Israel just defends it self against Palestinian attackers the US and UN and EU shirts up. And when Kurd fighters fight IS they don't get support, but the Turks who obviously have a open border between IS and Turkey get all the US and UN support for killing Kurd women and children and even toddlers.....
In another development, counter-terror police in Turkey's main city, Istanbul, launched dawn raids targeting IS suspects across the city. This at least is what they reported to the media we at SDR however think the same lie continue and the Turks did crack down on Kurds civilians as we have seen now for many decades.
The recant bomb at a wedding was "not directed at Turks at all" but only at Kurd´s celebrating a wedding .....In other words the aggressors where said to be IS but can we bank on any information given by the Turks regarding anything?  After all we have trough out the years seen crack down on media when ever they have reported about any corruption or anti Sultan Erdogan matter. Erdogan is playing it once with Russia and US right now with other goals in mind than anyone of the two super powers can ever guess. Erdogan´s dream is to establish a new modern Ottoman rule and the price for it in human lives doesnt play any role.... Just like the Armenian genocide that almost all the world has recognized as a genocide!  As long as Turkey refuses to admit the Armenian genocide they are a good example on what Turks consider as the truth.
The west should be ashamed to let them lie us into our faces while almost exterminating almost all Christians that used to live in Turkey. Turn of the century there was a 6% but now there is not even 1%. Turkey allso still upholds laws considering it un-Turkish to become a Christian and also prohibits higher police or army officer posts for Christians. Clearly being some sort of Apartheid state....Not one Christian Church has received permit to be built in the last ten years! 
US professional Political Vice-Pinocchio President Joe Biden arrived in Turkey on Wednesday in the highest-ranking visit by a Western official since the failed coup on 15 July. Joe Biden is in Turkey to try and reset relations strained by the fallout from last month's failed coup attempt.  Turks felt they did not get a clear message of support from Washington so Mr Biden is doing everything he can to get brownie points by the lying Sultan including deliberate comparisons to the trauma Americans suffered after the 9/11 attacks.  That was by far worse and its shameful of Mr Biden to leave the US victims uncompensated while letting the Saudis who clearly was behind this attack keep their money.
Biden should have at least the decency not to compare a Arab Muslim attack on US soil to the one caused by soldiers fed up of the Sultans kleptocracy !
Just imagine, the Turkish government is also upset by America's alliance with Kurds in northern Syria. It believes they are linked to Turkish Kurds who are battling Ankara. Maybe that's correct considering that Erdogan son is the main sales person of IS Oil production today......
The US finds the Syrian Kurds an effective force against Islamic State militants but the Turks fear the alliance is helping them gain territory for an autonomous zone along the Turkish border. The Turks have invaded a part of EU called Cyprus why does US and EU not talk about this ?
A US official travelling with Mr Biden "rather strangely" admitted that some Turkish fighters had pushed further north than they should have and said Turkey's offensive on IS in Jarablus was probably partly to create a buffer zone against any further Kurdish advance. 
But he said the US had "put a lid" on any more such moves, creating a breathing space for the Jarablus operation, which the US supports and to which it is ready to contribute.
When will this sick drama end we ask ...?
Lies - lies and more lies don't make any road map of any sort that we all know. So why would it be different now?