Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Ambassador ret. Yoram Ettinger: The US Congress - The Co-Equal Ally Of Israel

The following is the latest "17 th",  6-minute-video on-line seminar by Ambassador ret, Yoram Ettinger on US-Israel and the Mideast.
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directly from Ambassador Ettinger fantastic You Tube channel.
This sort of smart reality checking will become the norm in the future for people wishing to focus 
on the US-Israeli relations. Which in is endemic knowledge in order to understand our traditions Western diplomatic mindset. 
As always with the truth, it tends to be a very logical. Here you get a clear and undistorted view which enables you to stay focused and actually "feel the matter like you would be right within it".  
At last but not least we would like to to ask your self the following : What is a diplomatic road map? The answer is clear to anyone following this on-line seminar, because you where just given a 
a lecture on the matter by one of the most distinguished diplomatic road map legends today. 

The US Congress - The Co-Equal Ally Of Israel