Friday, 2 September 2016

Finland: Adult Migrant men from Arab Countries fight with local youngsters in the Cities of Nurmijarvi and Forssa

This amateur video was recorded on a mobile phone by local youth Sept 2016 outside the City of Nurmijarvi Finland. According to locals one of the migrants was taken to hospital.  The following video is from the brawl outside the City of Nurmijarvi 

Migrants fighting Finns in Nurmijarvi, Finland.

Not only this one brawl .....
But last week the following took place in the City of Forssa

According to witness Dimitri a young Finnish Roma minority member, who is not afraid to talk openly about the ongoing never ending disturbances by what he calls the Muslim invaders.

Dimitri tells that the asylum seekers ad become very noisy in the evening, and continue long until late at night. 

“Next morning Tuesday he came to his balcony and saw about 60 to 70 Migrant men come out of the building some with sticks in their hands. They had as well prepared and hidden sticks and metal bars in a park between two blocks of flats and went for them.
The reason for this attack was that about 15 Finnish teen boys age 16 -17 had gather there, to protest against the asylum seekers beating up their friend on one day earlier on Monday.

Out of the blue “The asylum seekers rushed out, shouting. 

See the video here that was taken from a balcony.

The Migrant men where holding various kinds of long metal items in their hands, and some had baseball bats, sticks basically just anything that could be used as a weapon.” They went after the young school boys. It was truly “real life action” here.  “It was the whole house of asylum seekers running after those boys”, says Dimitri, recalling Tuesday attack.

The Migrant men surrounded the whole parking lot and battered one young boy. 

Then they even smashed cars, it was so violent that the local onlookers became did feel the need to flee the scene.

The following short 10 second video clip shows two girls in a car being attacked by
a large group of Muslim Migrants. This scary video was naturally not reported by the local media. 

Girls in a car attacked by Migrant Arab men with large sticks!

The beating of a 15 year old boy however became to much for the locals and a demonstration was held the day after close to the asylum seekers centre. Here are some pictures from the peaceful demonstration in the City of Forssa:

Below:  A police car in front of the Arab Migrant house

We at SDR wish nothing more than to be able to say that the Arab Muslim Migrants have enriched us and given us a vision of new culture that we would like to get to know more about... But thats not possible because all we get to see is demands for special rights and demands for money without any work in return. Do we really want more of this sort of cultural enrichment  as the politicians tend to call it? 
This question answers it self.