Thursday, 8 September 2016

Finnish Supo walks the walk and not just talks the talk ....

BBC finds the following funny and placed it among many odd news... SDR wonders how this is possible when it is one of the most smart moves any security agency has advised its citizens!  

Finnish Security police Supo tell Finns who plan to head abroad for work or holidays are being advised to leave their phones and laptops at home because of security concerns.

The Finnish Security Intelligence Service, Supo, isn't just concerned that the devices could be pinched - it's worried about gaps in the security of foreign networks, national broadcaster Yle reports correctly! Its a known fact that while entering some nations anything on phones for laptops has been cloned. 

Basically todays smart phones with saved passwords and asthmatic entering of emails etc are like a dream come true for anyone wishing to know all your company´s secrets. This as its legal for many nations to use what ever is on the phone or laptop as long as they don't have to hack it. In other words if your passwords are saved on your phone, the customs has access to them as well when you enter the nation. There is mostly no laws telling customs security that they have to do any research on the spot. In other words:  They might or might not enter your data at that moment but at a later date. Please note that: The later date has no, " best before, or expiration date" . 

SDR supports SUPO´s advice with a 100% and wishes to congratulate them for this initiative saving local industry and Citizens from so called security services who only wish to obtain access to commercial data that could be of monetary value.  In the good old days during the Cold War this was called industrial spying. Today its renamed as intelligence gathering. We ask rhetorically where the border goes when a nation seeks industrial or trade matters on someones phone or laptop, in the name of national security.

Lets just look at the current Hillary Clinton email scandal....
The FBI has published the current Presidential candidates blunders openly to each and every foreign media.  We at SDR seriously wonder how this discovery got to the commercial media in the first place, as the media only primary goal is to create profit for the owning stock holders. The norms regarding security's been given by US as a role model for the entire west but now we all need equally ask when the same question: " When is it busyness and when national security? "
This is the reality we live in today. Borders and laws are created like layer cakes and rather sooner than later there will be nothing that can protect the common mans privacy within the West.  

So when Finnish Supo tells that the best idea is not to travel with the devices at all, but if Finns decide that's not practical, then they should exercise caution. Spokesman Tuomas Portaankorva tells Finnish State media Yle that people "should not speak on the phone about confidential matters abroad", because networks may not be secure. That might be an oversight, or deliberate, he says. We at SDR wish to congratulate SUPO and Mr Tuomas Portaankorva for sharing this awareness. Its been a very long time since any national security org has been of so much help to secure travel in the west!

There's also a malware risk, and the possibility that foreign security services can access people's phone and SIM card data when using a network abroad.
"The advice to leave phones at home especially applies to work phones, but I wouldn't really want to take my (smart) phone to certain countries either," Mr Tuomas Portaankorv says.

The advice comes days after the Finnish Institute of International Affairs published a report saying that Russia has become a greater threat to Finland, particularly regarding its energy policy.  But there have also been debates about domestic surveillance of electronic communications in Finland. 

In February, Yle reported that the Finnish government is pressing on with plans to amend the law to allow for online intelligence gathering, in the wake of the 2015 Paris terror attacks. This should have been renamed Islamist terror attacks as its the only thing connecting all violent terror attacks in the West in recent years.   .  

Just ask your self how long shall we be forced to pretend that the only terrorist killer of Westerners are just terrorists when they all are Islamic terrorists?  We at SDR only wish that Finnish Supo would not avoid to name Islamism as its the only linkage we have between all attacks in the west. But in the same time understand why thy did not do so. 

This matter is basically a political denial of the most expensive tabu´s this earth has ever seen and we need to see it end asap as it eats the economy endlessly for the sake of one religious group only! 
We at SDR think its not reasonable as long as one is "not allowed to speak the truth regrading the fact that every terrorist attack has been by people following some sort of Islamic religious philosophy", containing a own law by the name Sharia.  Politically correct must change and become politically transparent. Sadly it isn't!  

And so at last we should all be grateful for the advice regarding travel safety given to all of us by Finlands Secret police SUPO. Fact remains that the politically corrupt selfish escapist agendas have failed us for far too long avoiding to address the current evil letting it accumulate instead as being addressed heads on! Politically correct today is nothing but people hiding behind each other avoiding responsibility! 

We a SDR wait patiently for the established political environment to recognize the dangers regarding the philosophy Islam. After all if it is "the only terror" we face in the West today. 
The rest is plain and simple industrial and strategical spying which is practiced "only" by all large nations equally...

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