Monday, 12 September 2016

France foiling terror plots daily but the media leaves out the fact that the daily plots are all by Muslims

The French prime minister has said the country's security services are foiling terror plots and dismantling militant networks "every day".   Sadly the matter will continue forever until he realises that will have to admit that its all ONLY MUSLIM TERRORIST!

Manual Valls said about 15,000 people were being monitored for radicalisation as the country continues its drive against jihadist militants. " Please note that the French PM doesn't say Muslim 
but can admit that they are Jihadists. Not so long ago most EU and US politicians said that  Jihad is 
a word for fighting and that also daily living can be seen as Jihad .
The only thing we can say about that is that we at SDT have never heard or seen any Muslim talking about going home facing his daily Jihad.  If that doesn't wake you up, then you are already most likely a Islamist or walking dead.

Previously the authorities said about 10,000 were identified as high-risk. And once again the French authorities cant even say it as it is: 10,000 Muslims hating westerners.

Just imagine how early the indoctrination against western life and values must start in a so called common Muslim boys home, Because a 15 year old was arrested at his home in Paris on Saturday on suspicion of planning an attack over the weekend!  Let´s be sane and admit that such hate doesn't come over night and from some Mosque but from the way he was brought up at home.
Lets be reasonable and look at it another way: If your son was committing hate crimes against other races and religions would the police suspect the Christian Church to teach him such or a Hindu or Jewish Temple ? Hardly. Only Muslims learn acorn to police and politicians hate in the Mosque only 
but never ever at home....

Investigators said the 15 year old  had been under surveillance since April and he had been in touch with a French member of so-called Islamic State (IS), Rachid Kassim.  France has been under a state of emergency since IS attacks on Paris in November killed 130 people in what President Francois Hollande called an "act of war".

However, NOT SURPRISINGLY a recent commission of inquiry found the state of emergency was only having a "limited impact"  (Translated to common English as no Impact whatever) on improving security.
It questioned the deployment of between 6,000 and 7,000 soldiers to protect schools, synagogues, department stores and other sensitive sites. How comes Synagogues need extra protection and not Mosques we ask you -Think about that and never ever accuse Jews and Israelis again!

"Fact is that every day intelligence services, police, foil Muslim attacks, dismantle Islamist networks, and track Muslim terrorists! 

Take a good look at this number and ask your self: What France can do if they cant say Muslim terrorists but in the same time admit that there are about 15,000 people in France who are monitored, because these people are in the process of radicalisation." Are we talking of radical Buddhist, Jews, Hindus or Mormons? No we talk only about one religion creating this and it is Islam! 

Whats wrong with EU if one car model would keep on killing people in it would all cars blamed?
No only the one care model and the maker of it! This how simple it is.

In a sombre interview, the Socialist prime minister said: "There will be new attacks. There will be innocent victims." Once again he did not say Muslims attacks and non Muslim victims.
Have we hard of a Imam being killed by Christians ever ? No but Christian Priests we sure have heard of and the last Priest tome killed by Muslims was not even so long ago that the Minister should have forgotten it, even if he is a Socialist .

Security is a central issue in the run-up to next year's presidential election but Mr Valls said proposals by the former French President, Nicolas Sarkozy, to set up special courts and detention centres were not the answer. Mr Sarkozy, who announced in August he would run again for the presidency, gave an interview to the Sunday newspaper Le Journal du Dimanche (in French).   "Every Frenchman they the quote is translated as leaving out Muslim again is suspected of being linked to terrorism, because he regularly consults a jihadist website, or his behaviour shows signs of radicalisation or because is in close contact with radicalised people, must by preventively placed in a detention centre," he said.
We once agin wonder why every Frenchman would be a suspect when only Muslim Frenchman until now have been the guilty ones. Besides the non French Muslims off course.

Meanwhile, prosecutors charged one of the women arrested over a foiled attack near Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.  Ornella G, 29, was charged with alleged involvement in a terrorist act and attempted murder.  Three other women were questioned by police, after a car packed with gas cylinders was found last Sunday close to the cathedral. They are alleged to have been planning other "imminent and violent" attacks. Paris prosecutor Francois Molins said on Friday that Ornella G's fingerprints had been found inside the car. She was known to intelligence agents as someone who was considering going to Syria.  She was arrested in southern France on Tuesday with her boyfriend, who has since been released.