Friday, 2 September 2016

France: Migrants in Calais population rises and turn violent towards local population

SDR feels very sad to report this as a reality not alone but even BBC cant any longer
refuse this fact and burqa or not is not the issue but the share amount of Muslim Migrants
walking around in large groups.....Basically its the same in Helsinki or Berlin.
The problems are to many to mention and keep rising along with the so called political
correct consensus by most media that is in one way or another depending on political goodwill.

An example of how bad even so called integration works can be seen in daily life.
My wife got for the first time in her life shown a finger while driving the car by a Somali Cab
driver who according to the authorities is well integrated.
Such a gesture is not only gender directed but also in general a very degrading sign to show
to someone wife or daughter ....
In Europe its very unusual for locals to see such a gesture given to a woman, by an adult male.
In Somalia it seems to be OK, but we at SDR find that it just underlines what this BBC report
is reporting, namely the aggressive nature of the Migrants.

Aggressive Migrants ....