Saturday, 10 September 2016

My name is Mike and I wish to show you how miserably the Arabs live in Israel and how they suffer in EU


See what Sweden and most European and US press calls misery here:

 How miserably the Arabs live in Israel 

Quite frankly me living in EU would not even dream of living in such luxury as they do and I feel sick of the lies and talks about multi culture trying to replace all other cultures with only Islam!

Is this a mistake? Nope!
Am I a racist hell no! 

I love Indian Marwar Culture I love Chinese Culture I love Russian Culture and I love Buddhism and Hinduism and Jewish and Greek ancient mythology or science along with the Greek mythology and Italian so called Roman Empire. 

Migration to EU
How would you react if you pay all your life sickly high taxes and live in a flat when next door moves a Muslim couple who first are a normal family given Satellite TV so they can avoid local culture at home. Then they get schooling after schooling fully paid while avoiding o go and work. Next they go back to Somalia for holiday paid by the local social services even if its that what they allegedly escaped. The modern looking father now starts to look more radical and his daughters are like changed after they come home and rarely smile ...They ha obviously been going true some female genital molestation......I told the City Social services to check but they would not do so as its the schools obligation as they have a nurse...She too doesn't dare to look. 

Would this have been a local man giving his daughters a glass of wine or if he would have spanked them the police would be arriving along with the social services checking the Christian body for evidence of maltreatment. However, no where in EU or US does the media dare to report of Muslim abuse locally. Just the same way as the there is only terrorists in France and US but it has nothing to do with Islam. 

This is abuse of freedom of speech and censorship at its best and it's growing legally....

My own experience on how Muslims are treated in EU made me loose faith in EU´s ability  to handle migration and the sickening matters it drags along.  Rather than facing it and making things better we see all being pushed under the carpet and out of sight.

My Somali neighbour had suddenly a new lady living in the 2 story paid for flat owned by the city. Where each family member needs to be registered and the City Services needed to approve of her moving in.  If it would have been me asking a friend or relative to move in to a city flat it would have been denied immediately.
What was her status to she got what no Christian or Buddhist, Hindu or Jew would ever get? 
Answer: He told me she is the sister of the wife. 
I answered: It´s not possible as she speaks Arabic like a Somali and physically looks as different from  your wife who is Ethiopian. Then I told him his wife speaks with a Ethiopian Amharic accent Arabic and its there to stay.  He then replied to me: She is a "close friend" and in Somalia they call such a sister....

Original photo showing the first wife always going one step in front and entering hoses and cars first as is Muslim tradition...A sister would hardly have to follow second wife rules.

Little could he hide as rather soon after the close friend so called sister became pregnant .... 
Has anyone heard of Somalis accepting a woman getting pregnant without a father and husband? 

Its simply not possible but the multi ignorant culture let all lies prevail
I told this inconsistency to the local social services...and nothing was done about it. 
In contrary the family suddenly are sent on a holiday to Dubai 3 girls and first wife. 
(Ask your self when did your EU or US neighbour send their family for a luxury holiday to Dubai? )

This while Somali mans second wife was given birth at the hospital. 
With the family in Dubai and the second wife in hospital giving birth, the Somali man tries to cover the matter by moving out. 
With wife and kids gone to Dubai no one became able to ask any questions regarding whats happening.  The Family moved in to a new home after arrival from the Dubai holiday.

The neighbours never got to see the wife or children after except for when the kids came to look for their hour and then never alone but under the watchful eyes of the father......

The only thing we remember this Somali man about is how he lied to us about the poor cat as he killed the family cat while first looking it up in the old home without food! So cruel and later when neighbours heard the crying of the cat they set in a safe place, and contacted them while  he just made sure that the cat was gone! 
If I ever again see his daughters I wont save them from the truth.
But I will tell them what father they have! 

Most Muslims don't accept dogs which they mostly deny and in Iran its prohibited to keep dogs or cats and they are killed in the most cruel way by injecting acid into them creating a most painful and slow death.....
I have been told too many times about this being a lie but not once have I seen any Somali or Palestinian walking his or her dog anywhere.

Lies upon lies have been served to us all in the West.
This has to stop here and now, in my opinion.
The Arabs In Israel don't live life of a beggar or person In need any more than a wealthy person in EU owning a house! In Israel land is more expensive that in EU and the place I live in. This so there wont be any mistake regarding wealth. 

Please open up and stop believing in propaganda and trust your own eyes. I have never seen such abuse of our system as by our own leaders ignoring the facts in from of their eyes. 
Why can’t anyone call police if Muslim kids get mutilated and why does no one follow up on calls by concerned citizens regarding Polygamy and fraud and killing of pets and more?

Why do we have all these UN and EU and US conferences against honour killings and FGM and polygamy if the legal authorities and the local politicians behave like during Stalin’s Russia closing two eyes?

The film you did see was recorded by a family member of mine who recently moved to Israel from Las Vegas (US).  If you don't believe It  you can take the wild and go knocking doors to confirm the truth.  

When was the last time someone offered you such transparent investigative reporting I wonder? 

My name is Mike and I wish to show you how miserably the Arabs live in Israel and how they suffer in EU! 

That said I hope for all our sake that you did learn a little about the truth regarding Arabs suffering in Israel and EU.

Written by Mike in EU. Video by Jaques in Israel.