Thursday, 22 September 2016

US: As awaited Anti-Islam Sentiment Soars After Chelsea Explosion

An analysis of hashtags used in the days following the bombing of Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood reveals a sharp rise in anti-Islamic sentiment on Twitter in relation to the days prior. Ahmad Khan Rahami, the prime suspect in Saturday’s attack, is a Muslim of Afghan origin, the liberal press writes as stupid as it possibly can get the following: There’s still little detail about the motive behind the attack.... To anyone with a brain larger than that of an amoeba its very clear that Islam and the war in so called infidel western Christian Jews Buddhists and Hindus etc is the main reason.

An analysis of the five biggest anti-Islam hashtags over the past week on Twitter showed a large spike on Saturday, September 18, the evening of the attack, and continuing into the next two days. 

The largest hashtag was #BanIslam, used at least 22,291 times in the past week. In the four days leading up to the Chelsea explosion, the hashtag was used in 10,339 tweets. 

Since then #BanIslam featured in 11,952 tweets, more than double the daily rate. Other hashtags that showed a similar trend over the past week are #IslamIsTheProblem, #NoRefugees, and #ReligionOfPeace. 

The three hashtags were used in 14,534, 12,716, and 7,259 tweets over the past week, respectively. 

Since September 18, #IslamIsTheProblem was used in 10,152 tweets, meaning nearly 70 percent of all uses of the hashtag occurred since the Chelsea explosion. 

In the same time period #NoRefugees and #ReligionOfPeace were used in 7,111 and 3,540 tweets, respectively.

SDR asks the following: How can it be Islamophobic  to write that the against Islam on twitter when the bomber Ahmad Khan Rahami himself wrote a handwritten journal with entries praising Muslim cleric Anwar al-Awlaki! This is the same man who was killed in a drone strike in Yemen in 2011, Nidal Hasan, who murdered 13 people at Fort Hood in 2009, and “Brother Osama bin Laden.” The journal ended, the complaint said, with “Inshallah, the sounds of bombs will be heard in the streets. Gun shots to your police. Death To Your OPPRESSION.”