Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Britain First confronts a honest Muslim in Luton and Islamists without arguments in Oldham!

Recently, one one of Britain first´s many trips to Luton magistrates, a local honest Muslim approached party leader Paul Golding and declared that Britain will be under Sharia Law in the future and will be an Islamic State.  He was very polite and respectful, did not show hostility, but declared in no uncertain terms the way most Muslims feel about our country. 
He said: Britain will be an Islamic State! "One billion percent!"

This video is a real eye opener.

Britain First recently held a day of action in the Islamist stronghold of Oldham, just outside of Greater Manchester.Oldham is infamous as a nest of Islamists and extremists, but this did not deter our activists.
Seeing how peacefully the following Muslims are. If the Police would not have been precent they would have attacked immediately the Britain first demonstrators.