Monday, 10 October 2016

German Muslim Terror: Syrian refugee wannabe Bomber Jaber al-Bakr arrested!

To all the Muslim terrorist out there: You can run but you cant hide in EU!
German police say they have captured the Syrian who had to been planning a bomb attack..."Tired but overjoyed: we captured the terror suspect last night in Leipzig," the police said in a tweet.
The police had been looking for the suspect, Syrian refugee Jaber al-Bakr, after raiding a flat in the eastern city of Chemnitz on Saturday.
Several hundred grams of "highly volatile" explosives were found at the property, investigators said.

SDR wishes to congratulate Sachsen Police for the very fast arrest of this wannabe Muslim Bomber...Because the more of them learn that: "Getting away after bad deeds is merely Muslim extremist propaganda". The less terrorists we will see in Europe!