Monday, 3 October 2016

Trump foundation told to end NY fundraising

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump listens to a question as he appears at the "Retired American Warriors" conference during a campaign stop in Herndon, Virginia.

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump's "so called charitable foundation" has been ordered by New York's attorney general to stop fundraising in the state.

Prosecutors issued a "notice of violation" after determining the foundation was fundraising without being properly registered in the state......

We at SDR think if poor people ask for money its begging and if Rich people do the same it should be called Begging to and not fundraising 


There is absolutely no difference between Obama and Trump when it comes to the elections in one matter: And then is the begging letters for funds. 

After all this bragging about his wealth Its amazing how Donald can sink to this level of sending out letters asking for donations!  

Would you donate to a man who already is among the Forbes top rich with alleged 3.7 Billions however Donald Trump claims to have a net worth of over $10 billion. 

Donald Trump is also known in the media to have said that: Never needing to borrow, beg or steal for his bid for the White House. Media also reports Trump has paid for the campaign mostly on his own without having to solicit donations. Media also wrongly reports that that hasn’t stopped thousands of voters from supporting the cause and donating their hard-earned cash to his campaign. Some might ...however all our SDR Trump supporters got the same sort of letters begging for contributions "that the media call pale supporter donations". 

So go ahead and join the pale non worthy donors as that's what the press will tell that you are as Trump cant even be grateful to people having nothing giving him more that they could afford . We are very sad and think his supporters deserve better than to be called pale by the media...

However no matter what: 
If Donald Trump can brag so much all the time about his wealth now would be a good time to show how different he is from Obama who did Winn with the great contributions of the so called grassroots ..But sadly Donald has not shown much difference! 
He too sends out letters begging. "Begging is begging" be it from a Role Royce or private jets and Helicopters its no different from begging from a middle-class home. 
At lat but not least: Most of the ones who where supporting Obama did also receive contribution letters (we tend to call them whats they are begging letters) even after Obama had won the presidency. This was pretty disgusting as Barack Obama had already been voted as the most powerful president of the world.