Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Meet the Arab soldiers who fight for the state of Israel

BBC writes the following story in a manner thats very personal while comfortably leaving many facts out so we at SDR took the story mainly as a guideline and filled in what we think is mossing of the fun truth as we too have persona contacts with Israeli Arabs who are Muslim , Christian , and Druze and even Beduins...This is How BBC starts: It is dawn in the Negev desert and Mahmud Kashua is saying his first prayers of the day - a gun by his side. Mahmud is one of a growing number of Israeli Arabs who have volunteered to serve in the army of the Jewish state. We wonder why they never mention Muslims state when they write of any Arab state where in contrast to Israel other religions have no rights and are facing something that reminds most Europeans of Hitlers one philosofy and one race more than any western multi cultural equal rights society...
This because BBC is entirely looked into seeing Israel as a bad state demanding of them to be more honest than the UK EU and America together. It would be nice to see BBC celebrate Christmas and Eastern the same way they write about Muslim holidays like Ramadan an or Eid al Fitr....
BBC writes actually for the first time in many years something that we at SDR also have herd Arabs say: "I consider myself an Arab and a Muslim but I also consider myself part of this country," Mahmud tells me during a break in live fire practice on the range. "It's our state and we have to give back, to help as much as we can to the state which protects us."   Over six months a BBC Arabic documentary team gained extraordinary access to the Gadsar, an all Arab unit of 500 within the Israeli Defence Force. One fact that BBC also writes correctly is that:Ten times as many Israeli Arabs - Muslims and Christians - are joining the IDF compared to three years ago. 
"Our mission is to enlist as many as we can," says Col Wajdi Sarhan, head of the IDF Minorities Unit. "We have a few hundred and we want to double that in the next year. "Twenty per cent of Israel's population is Arab but only about 1% of them serve in the army.  Enlisting is more than controversial in many of their communities. 
But it doesn't take long before BBC finds a Jew basher to refer too namely: Hanin Zoabi is an Israeli Arab MP who identifies herself as Palestinian and is a fierce critic of the state.  That's one way of renaming hate ...BBC should ,maybe also call ISIL critics of the west then ? This would bring promotions into a more correct view if we should call what Hanin Zoabi feels about Israel as critic. 
"This small marginalized group that serves in the Israeli army which serves Israel against its people knows they are crossing a patriotic red line," she says. "Ninety per cent of the Arabs who serve in the Israeli army don't have equality with Israelis.  Israel does not need them to protect its security, i t's a political issue. first to divide and rule." This said from a Islamic supremacist who assumingly would like to keep the Prophets followers taking over every Christian holy site while mentioning only Jews.
Now to the tragedy: 'BBC thinks they are Serving the occupation'. We wish to remind our readers that Jesus was a jew and that g´he most certainly did not speak Arabic. This alone should bring any Christian peso to ask so whet did they speak during the days of Jesus and on what historical facts  are the Muslim supremacist claims that Palestine always was ruled by Muslims...Fact is that some years back the Pope did visit Palestine and Israel and while joking around  with Israeli leader Benjamin Nethaniahu they both agreed that Jesus must certainly DID NOT speak ARABIC ! But Hebrew and Aramaic and Greek was the languages spoken at the time.
We followed the Gadsar as it became the first Israeli Arab unit ever to serve on the occupied West Bank, home to 1.7 million fellow Arabs - Palestinians. 
It is a tense time - in the past year, 37 Israelis have been killed in a wave of knife, gun and car-ramming attacks by Palestinians or Israeli Arabs.
More than 200 Palestinians - mostly attackers, Israel says - have also been killed in that period.
At a checkpoint between two Israeli settlements, Mohammed Ayashi, a Muslim soldier, is stopping some Palestinian cars.
"Sometimes its hard because I am an Arab like them and they look down on me but in the end I am doing my job and I have to do this," Mohammed says. "Some people from the way they answer us you can tell they can't stand us - they look down on us with contempt."
One driver says he understands Mohammed is just doing his duty and is free to do as he wants but another is clearly angry. 
"We wish an Arab soldier wouldn't do this - we are all Arabs," says the driver. "We consider him a Palestinian and he is serving the army of occupation. I don't know what to make of it."

'Aid to integration'

On the Gadsar base Mahmud and the other new recruits take the oath of allegiance to Israel. His parents and fiancee are there to see him swear on the Koran as he is given his own gun.  "I'm proud of him,  this is his choice and we back him.  We are happy and he is happy," says his father,  Jamil Kashua.  Back at home in an Arab town in northern Israel there is a barbecue in Mahmud's honour. But he will only wear his uniform when he is in the family compound.  "A few guys saw me wearing the uniform and told me that I'm a traitor. I told them that's my own business but I don't care what others say," Mahmud says. "If I'm a traitor then why is he living in this state?" 
In contrast to many of his friends Mahmud gets a good salary as a soldier.  Unlike Jewish recruits he can apply for a grant of land to set up his own home.  "Guys who go to the army have a good position and live comfortably," says Jamil. "The army supports them financially and their lives move forward." This is something that even the US could learn from the way they treat their vets today.  For the Israeli government increasing the number of Arabs in the army is key to integration of the two communities writes BBC while forgetting all the other races and religion serving alongside their Muslim writers under one flag. Thats how most nations armies work in the civilised world and if  someone calls tribalism and fanatism a way of culture that we should integrate then such words should be made tau in a industrialised mordern  nation where ever it may be.
In the Nordic Nations like Finland and Sweden etc Muslim tatters and Jews and Christians served for centuries next to each other without any conflict. Its first since the Saudi Wahhabis started the radicalising the world with their stoneage religion views that Al Quaeda and the Taliban got money and where given scapegoats like Jews and the west for their own nations inability to become modern and to provide comfortable life to their citizens. This is also the main reason why EU is swarmed by dissatisfied Muslim today ...and please lets not forget that Kuwait and Saudi Arabia who financed ISIL as we all k ow via Hillary Clintons mails on Wikileaks don't tsk in almost any of the Syrian refugees....They rather see them die as martyrs while driving them selfs in Lamborghini's and private jets ......
"We are doing our utmost to integrate minorities into the army to maintain the status quo demographically," says Col Sarhan. "Serving in the army is a great platform to connect the Muslim community to the state."
Security for the future?

Many Israeli Arab politicians accuse the Israeli government of anything bad they then selfs say nothing about if practiced in PA bt Hamas or PLO! 

They blame Israel of the word destruction and manipulation of the worlds rain and even flooding of Pakistan and as well think Jews own the media claiming openly that Rupert Murdoc a Jew even if he isn't ! There is no end to the lies most westerners don't see as they are written in Arabic!  The demonising however never touch Islamist Conservative money even if rich oil Arabs who rather easily rule the Financial markets but as a matter of fact don't give a hoot about any Palestinian as there leaders abuse funds in the billions.

 Just a few years Back PA had lost over 2,5 Billions of hard earned EU taxpayers money while it made almost no headlines and still today may reports are removed from Google etc regarding this incident lucky for us we did a screenshot on this matter .... The following link don't work which proves the point : https://www.middleeastmonitor.com/5/0002149/eu-says-palestinian-authority-lost-2-5-billion-euros-of-aid

"Israel is after people to serve in the army who are poor and have no work," says Hanin Zoabi. "Fifty-two to 54% of our Palestinian people in Israel are under the poverty line,  and the government's policy of creating poverty obliges people to look for the only solution they can." She forgets very comfortably that the poor are not only Muslims but many times immigrants from Ethiopia or other nations come to israel with even less than most Arabs namely one suitcase and a lott of hope and will to work hard"!"
What people like Hanin Zoabi mostly forget to admit is that Israeli Armed forces have appointed A Woman who is a minority kind of Muslim named Druze as a leading officer  without  any what ever restrictions regarding race gender or religion. Not one Palestinian or Arab armed force can show such open and non racist attitude and openness towards anyone wishing top serve a little nation named Israel that has any colour and race and gender serving equally at the same pay. Hanin Zoabi must have forgotten in his BBC interview to see that pay is according to oak and not gender or religion when someone serves the IDF!
The peace process is not going anywhere it seems, the two state solution is still a distant prospect as most √•palestinian leaders don't accept Israel as a state, and even refuses to show israel as a nation on maps...so if this is reality its not easy for many young Arabs to integration into Israel as they are seen as traitors even if they should be as proud as their fellow Christian and Druze or Jews of this ancient nation.....No matter what the Israeli military will stay away from racism and offer all equally a safe and secure future.
At las a few words of hope from a norma Arab enlisted young man: "Ten people from my town are serving in the army now.   I have friends who want to enlist," says Mahmud. "I encourage everyone to join to improve his or her life and look to their future."
SDR wishes to thank Mahmud for his courage to stand up for a more modern Middle east where everyone has a future and safety.