Monday, 14 November 2016

U.S Presidential election winner Donald J Trump’s reply to Saudi Prince Talal proves “America made the right choice”.

Obama and the Clinton's did nothing about ISIS and no wonder they where financed to do nothing and negotiate forever just like the 9/11 attackers where not given the right to go to court against Saudi Arabia. Most of the 9/11 attackers where from Saudi Arabia. 

Obama did not care about the 9/11 victims families or the shameless killing and torture of US Ambassador Stevens without even the remotest retaliation! That's not all Obama and Bidden as well left US Citizens to rot in Iranian Jails while giving them green light to get nuclear power. 
To accept such actions one has to be less than patriotic  American and bewildered and utterly confused with reality. Or alternatively support a Muslim takeover of the west!

Soon to be President Donald Trump does not let Alwaleed Tatal sit and dictate morale when he sponsors all the terror to the west while ignoring to take any  refugees from Syria him self! 
Not only that but...
The Saudis have a million tents standing empty all the time until paying guests come to visit Mecca…
This Prince doesn’t care one bit about poor Muslim's himself and wishes his own nations radicalism to us with sharia laws!  He´s money has opened hundreds of thousands of radical madrasa´s (Prayer Schools)  which teach rules he himself ignores all the time as he jets around the world with his massive entourage.

Here below: Ezra Levant of The looks at Donald Trump's 
tweets in reply to a Saudi prince who tried to pick a fight with him... 

The donations by Saudi Arabia here:

The Tweets where the Saudi Prince makes fool of him self:

SDR wishes to thank Donald J Trump for speaking out loud what we all have been wishing to hear, for the   last decade ....