Saturday, 12 November 2016

What if black lives matters very little to black mothers them selfs ?

Remember the world going crazy about black lives matters ? We do ....

But we wonder where the protests are now when a little black boy is thrown out of his home for voting Trump in a mock election at school. The boy was namely thrown out of his own home by a obviously sadistic back mother who in our opinion is not fit to be a mother at all.

Any young child deserves a better mother than this poor boy no matter what race or colour!

We have seen a lot of anger in our days , but this mother should quite honest have been but behind bars if she was living in EU for cruelty against a child no matter what race the child is.
.... SDR found this just by chance as some people found it funny that a mother kicks out her son and scares him to death for voting Trump in a mock election at school. If anyone meets this woman show her how much her life is worth to all of us who care equally about lives.

A Texas mother kicked her young son out the house after he voted for Donald Trump during a mock election at school. 
He told her he voted for Trump because he 'saw him on TV a lot'.