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Ambassador Yoram Ettinger: Secretary Kerry’s suspension of disbelief

The term “suspension of disbelief” refers to well-intentioned subordination of documented-facts and common sense to one’s zeal and wishful-thinking: sacrificing long-term realism on the altar of oversimplification and short-term gratification and convenience.

Secretary Kerry’s December 28, 2016 speech was replete with suspension of disbelief, totally inconsistent with Middle East reality, but consistent with the Secretary’s 31-year foreign policy track record.

Secretary John Kerry’s Middle East track record:

Kerry was the top frequent-flying Senator to Damascus, allowing his own idyllic   vision of the globe and his hosts’ duplicitous rhetoric to cloud reality.  He contended that Hafez and Bashar Assad – two of the most ferocious, cold-blooded dictators in the world - were constructive leaders, referring to Bashar Assad as a generous reformer and a man of his word, while Bashar terrorized his people and facilitated the infiltration into Iraq of Islamic terrorists, whose aim was to murder Americans. In March 2011, Kerry stated: “My judgment is that Syria will move, Syria will change as it embraces a legitimate relationship with the US and the West….”  Indeed, Syria has changed, but contrary to Kerry’s assessment, with 400,000 deaths and 10MN refugees out of 18 million Syrians.

In his 1997 book, The New War (sold by Amazon for $0.01), Kerry demonstrated inclination to dismiss the writing on the wall when in conflict with wishful-thinking: “Terrorist organizations with specific political agendas may be encouraged and emboldened by Yasser Arafat’s transformation from outlaw to statesman.”  

In 2012, Kerry contended that the Arab Street was transitioning toward democracy, “the most important geo-strategic shift since the fall of the Berlin Wall.”  He referred to the Arab Tsunami as an Arab Spring and to the regime change in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt and Yemen as youth and Facebook revolutions. Kerry supported regime-change in Libya, which has transformed Libya into a leading global platform of Islamic terrorism.

Critical pitfalls of Secretary Kerry’s roadmap to peace:

1. In his December 28, 2016 speech, Secretary Kerry maintained that the crux of the failure to conclude a peace agreement is lack of trust: “Negotiations [between Israel and the Palestinian Authority] did not fail because gaps were too wide, but because the level of trust was too low….”  

2. Apparently, Kerry takes lightly the failure of the Palestinian leadership to pass any of the crucial test of its commitment to peaceful coexistence – in 1993 (Oslo Accords), 2000 (Prime Minister Ehud Barak’s unprecedented proposals) and 2005 (the uprooting of all Jewish settlements from Gaza) – by responding to unparalleled Israeli territorial and diplomatic concessions with a dramatic escalation of hate education and terrorism. Such a Palestinian track record should be expected due to the notorious hate-education and incitement, which has been a most effective production-line of terrorists, and is the most authentic reflection of the Palestinian strategic goal.  

3. Contrary to the Secretary’s observation, the crux of the failure has been the inherent nature of the Palestinian leadership, highlighted by its long-term track record: from waves of anti-Jewish terrorism, through the collaboration with Nazi Germany, the USSR and the East European rogue Communist regimes, the Ayatollah Khomeini, Saddam Hussein, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela and Islamic, Asian, African, European and Latin American terror organizations.

4. While Palestinian leaders are welcome by the US State Department with a “red carpet,” Arab leaders welcome them with “shabby rugs” in response to the Palestinian violent back-stabbing of Arab hosts (Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and most painfully, Kuwait in 1990). 

5. Kerry stated that “the two state solution is the only way to achieve a just and lasting peace between Israelis and Palestinians…. The vote in the UN was about preserving the two-state solution…. The US did vote in accordance with our values….” However, the aforementioned Palestinian leadership track record certifies that a Palestinian state would be another rogue, violent regime, undermining US values and national security, adding fuel to the regional fire, constituting a lethal threat to the vulnerable pro-US Hashemite regime – with potential spillover into Saudi Arabia and the pro-US Gulf states – undermining stability in Egypt, upgrading the potential of a pro-Ayatollah bloc from Teheran to Ramallah, west of the Jordan River, providing port facilities to the Russian (and possibly Chinese and Iranian) navy in the Eastern Mediterranean, and adding another anti-US vote at the already anti-US UN. 

6. Once again, Secretary Kerry attempts to scare the Jewish State into reckless concessions, implying that the only way to preserve Jewish demography (majority) is by conceding Jewish geography (the over-towering mountain ridges of Judea and Samaria). Once again, he reverberates inauthentic, manipulated Palestinian statistics, and therefore ignores the demographic reality in the combined area of Judea, Samaria and pre-1967 Israel: an up-trending 66% Jewish majority, featuring an unprecedented Westernization of Arab demography and a robust Jewish demographic (fertility and net-migration). 

7. Kerry misled the public when claiming that UN Security Council Resolution 242 “called for the withdrawal of Israel from territory that it occupied in 1967 in return for peace and secure borders….” Kerry failed to indicate that 242 did not stipulate “all the territories;” that Israel has already complied with 242 by conceded 90% of the territory by evacuating the entire Sinai Peninsula; and that Israel fought a defensive/preemptive war in 1967.  He failed to mention that in 1988 Jordan waived its claim to sovereignty over Judea and Samaria (which was recognized only by Britain and Pakistan); and that Israel possesses the best legal title over the area based on Articles 77 and 80 of the UN Charter, which upholds the 1922 League of Nations Mandate for Palestine, aimed to establish a Jewish national home.

8. While Kerry attempts to coax Israel into reliance on security arrangements and guarantees, he fails to indicate that such tools are characterized by non-specificity, non-automaticity and ample escape routes, which may doom Israel on a rainy day. For example, the NATO treaty does not commit the US beyond considering steps on behalf of an attacked NATO member “as it deems necessary.”  Furthermore, in 1954, President Eisenhower concluded a defense treaty with Taiwan, to be annulled by President Carter with the support of Congress and the US Supreme Court.

The US’ and Israel’s national security, and the pursuit of peace, require long-term, tenacious commitment to realism, in defiance of oversimplification, short-term convenience and suspension of disbelief; avoiding rather than repeating critical past errors, which doomed a litany of well-meaning peace initiatives.

Written by diplomatic roadmap legend Ambassador ret, Yoram Ettinger 

Nota bene: Ambassador Yoram Ettinger ill be in the US in 2017, and is available for speaking engagements.


Finland: Two Iraqi men sentenced to prison for sex crimes

Two men were sentenced to four years and 18 months respectively for sexual assault and rape of a minor in a Rauma reception centre in October.

The district court of Satakunta has passed down prison sentences to two men from Iraq for sexual crimes committed in a reception centre in Rauma in October.
One of the Iraqi citizens was born in 1983 and received a four-year sentence without chance of parole for aggravated rape and aggravated sexual abuse of a minor. The man forced himself on a 14-year-old Finnish girl. He must also pay out 15,000 euros for causing emotional distress.
The other man, born in 1972, was sentenced to 18 months conditional imprisonment for attempted rape and sexual abuse of a minor. He was ordered to pay out 3,000 euros.
A third party was also allegedly present and filmed the attacks. The person was originally charged with attempted aggravated sexual assault of a minor.
The sentencing is not yet legally valid and may be appealed in the court of appeal. With Finnish tax payers money .....

 ----------Mike Huldens analysis of this article  ----------

We ate SDR are pretty sure the girls know who raped them so why the delay ? Could they not be awaiting trail in Syria in a Syrian jail ? This feels like hey would be rewarded with free TV and sanitation and health care for abusing Finnish kindness and hospitality. 
Syrians must be very  good at PR..... as now already Finns associate them only with violence and rape!  There is a old proverb saying: You sleep as you make your bed! Isrtart to believe here is much ruth in this old wisdom.
I hope they don get blankets and traditional Finnish pig meat sausage every day.
Finns are not to change for them and their demand its reverse! We hope schools and other services serve only pig made sausages after this,  If they want Camel meat or goat go to Saudi Arabia (oops they don't take refugees even Islamic one) But Turkey take them and use them as slave workers ....I'm sure they get 1st class Halal food there if they just shout and rape a bit.
Our Western idiotic politicians need to learn the diplomacy of Arab's see kindness  as a opportunity or weakness.....and don't treat if with gratitude. The examples are to many and your local news don't report even half of the ongoing ......

Fact Sources
Yle but comments written by Mike Hulden

Two Arab Migrants caught after robbing and kicking elderly Swedes citizen

This is what they did steal a mobile phone and purse....

And this is how they look ....

Sweden and EU is full of CCTV only a Migrant can be this ignorant as to think they
get way just ike the Arabs kicking the woman in Germany last week down subway stone stairs ........................

Muslim migrants inGermany Kick Baby on Bus, Attack - Paramedics trying to treat child-....

The new masters of Germany are impatient with those who do not recognize their preeminence. But a few more lessons about how it’s “racist” to resist, and all will no doubt be well.

“Rampaging Syrian migrants KICK BABY on bus, then attack paramedics trying to treat child,” 

MIGRANTS kicked a one-year-old baby on a bus then attacked paramedics with BELTS as they tried to treat the infant.
The shocking attack happened at approximately 9pm on Sunday night in Augsburg, one of Germany’s oldest cities.
Residents were being evacuated following the discovery of a bomb from the Second World War and some had boarded a replacement night bus when a fight broke out.
Several Syrian migrants erupted with anger because of a pram taking up space on the bus.
Migrants hurled abuse at other passengers before a fight broke out, with four of the Syrian men using the handles on the bus to hoist themselves up and attack women and old people to try and drag them into the fighting, according to an eyewitness.
The migrants paid no attention to anyone in their way, at one point kicking a one-year-old in the face.
Paramedics were called and arrived on the scene to help the injured but the men began attacking them with belts – not letting up until the police were called….

originally posted on Express 

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UK Muslims 3 days before Christmas and Hanukkah chant, ‘USA you will pay, caliphate is on its way’

Hundreds of protesters gathered Saturday outside the Syrian embassy in London in a rally organized by Hizb ut-Tahrir Britain, a group calling for the establishment of a caliphate, and chanted anti-American slogans to protest US policy in the Middle East.


Just imagine Hundreds of aggressive Muslim protesters gathered last Saturday outside the Syrian embassy in London in a rally organized by Hizb ut-Tahrir Britain, a group calling for the establishment of a caliphate, and chanted anti-American slogans to protest US policy in the Middle East.....Imagine if Christians did demonstrate against the Islamic embassies who don't take refugees in the same manner using verbal hate in the same sort of manner. 


We the rest get arrested even if we call a Muslim to go back and protect his wife´s. Its not hate as UK for instance allows Muslims to brake the polygamy laws if they got married in a place where its allowed...
How about me getting a Gun in Texas braking UK or EU laws why is that any different? It just makes me more and more angry the more I see how Muslims demand special treatments and how they behave on the streets all over EU.

I want the same laws for everyone and that including Muslims! 
Hate speech is prohibited and so is polygamy for us others and all Mosques should be forced to register each marriage so we don't pay single mother social benefits to mothers of many who are wife nr 1 or 3 which have been married by a Imam.

The police is chasing mopeds driving to fast in Finland and drivers with snow on the car roof or a local shouts at his kid .....But if a Muslim by force builds his kid and cut away a part of the girls genitalia then no Police has ever arrested any Somali or Indonesian etc Muslim. After all its no less than cutting off a finger !


I talked to my City social authorities and they said its up to the school nurse....
If Im suspected of a crime some civilians should control it ?
I think not! 
Crime is and should be investigated by the ruling law-enforcement agency with the proper legal documents.

Another question that occurs is that there are no EU laws own how to translate Muslim names Muhamed can be written Muhammed or Muhammad or Muha or Muemmadh or Mihammid or Mehummadh ....Each name can be eased to create a new identity in a new country because e there is missing a norm.
Most Arabs play with their names here a good example: Tony La Fou sounding very French  but his name is first of all not Tony but Tarik and his arab last name Laffo!

I personally don't think we deserve this injustice after all the taxes we have payed since generations in the West. If someone wants to live like in the strike age without laws and computer its fine with me as long as it doesn't affect me and my life.
Right now non of my Jewish friends dare to walk with a d avid star on the street in Finland. A friend from Peru who visited Israel at the millennium change 16 years ago and who is a devout Christian bought a golden David Star has been stopped on the streets in Helsinki several times by aggressive Muslims mainly Arab asylum seekers.
My friend is a rare Indian from the rain forest and did integrate a 100% and works as a nature guide in at a national park and apart from Arabs has never had any racist problem in Finland. This is not ok wth him as is growing afraid ....
I told him so are all the Jews that the police don't care one bit about in Finland or France! 

I personally hope that Trump will remember each and ever European Politician who has defamed him on the public media especially in Finland where I did follow all the defamations on State owned Public Media YLE during a democratic and free election. Its time that EU lilliput besserwissers are being put in their place and learn how to treat others the way they them self want to be treated.

Written by:
Mike Hulden

Russia: Getting ready to expel US diplomats in response to sanctions

The Russian foreign ministry has called for the expulsion of 35 US diplomats in response to a similar move by Washington.
Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said the request had been made to President Vladimir Putin.
The Obama administration expelled 35 Russia diplomats and their families over alleged Russian hacking during the US election campaign.
Russia denies any involvement and calls the US action "ungrounded".
Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev accused the outgoing administration of President Barack Obama of ending in "anti-Russian death throes".
Under the US action taken on Thursday:
  • Thirty-five diplomats from Russia's Washington embassy and its consulate in San Francisco were declared "persona non grata" and given 72 hours to leave the US with their families
  • Two compounds said to have been used by Russian intelligence services in New York and Maryland will be closed 
  • Sanctions were announced against nine entities and individuals including two Russian intelligence agencies, the GRU and the FSB
Mr Obama, who will be replaced by Donald Trump on 20 January, had vowed action against Russia amid US accusations that it directed cyber-attacks on the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton's campaign.
Emails stolen from her campaign manager and from the servers of the Democratic National Committee - some containing embarrassing information for Democrats - were released during the election campaign.
President-elect Trump has dismissed the hacking claims as "ridiculous" and said Americans should "get on with our lives" when asked previously about the possibility of sanctions. 
However, he said on Friday he would meet US intelligence chiefs next week to be "updated on the facts of this situation".
"Of course, we cannot leave attacks like this unanswered," said Mr Lavrov. "Mutuality is the law of diplomacy in international relations."
The foreign ministry suggested expelling 31 US diplomats from Moscow and four from St Petersburg, he said. 
It also suggested banning US diplomats from their dachas in Serebryany Bor near Moscow and a warehouse on Moscow's Dorozhnaya Street.

Reality Check Clinton: 18 revelations from Wikileaks' hacked Clinton emails

John Podesta aboard 'Hill Force One', the nickname for Clinton's campaign plane

Wikileaks has been releasing hacked emails from the account of Hillary Clinton's campaign boss. What do they say?

The anti-secrecy website says it will release tens of thousands more emails between now and election day.
Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, whose emails were hacked, has claimed the Russian government was behind the leak and the Trump campaign knew about it in advance.
He has refused to confirm or deny the emails' authenticity, suggesting some could have been doctored, without so far pinpointing any of the correspondence as fake.
These messages are different from the other Clinton email controversy, when she was found to have and broken government rules by exclusively operating a private server from her upstate New York home while secretary of state.

So what has the Wikileaks dump told us?

'Bill Clinton Inc'

In a 12-page memo written by Doug Band, a longtime aide to Bill Clinton, he describes using his consulting firm to raise money for the Clinton Global Initiative as well as direct personal income for the former president.
Mr Band rallied clients of his firm, Teneo, to contribute directly to Mr Clinton for "in-kind services for the President and his family - for personal travel, hospitality, vacation and the like" referring to that fund as "Bill Clinton Inc".
Several companies directly paid the former president for his speeches or advice, as well as making contributions to the Clinton Global Initiative. Republicans have criticised this, saying it allowed corporations to pay for access to the former president. 
One client, Coca Cola, received a face-to-face meeting with the former president at his home in 2009, after contributing millions to the non-profit foundation.
Donald Trump tweeted a link to the Washington Post article about this with his anti-corruption mantra #DrainTheSwamp

'Terrible instincts'

On the same day that news of a private email server broke, John Podesta, who later became her campaign chairman, emailed Neera Tanden, who worked for the Clinton campaign in 2008 and has remained a close adviser, to complain about Mrs Clinton's "instincts". 
"We've taken on a lot of water that won't be easy to pump out of the boat", he wrote in September 2015 as Clinton staff feared that Vice President Joe Biden would join the Democratic primary race.
"Most of that has to do with terrible decisions made pre-campaign, but a lot has to do with her instincts," he wrote, to which Mrs Tanden responded: "Almost no one knows better [than] me that her instincts can be terrible."
In the email exchange, Mr Podesta also complained that Clinton's personal lawyer David Kendall, and former State Department staffers Cheryl Mills and Philippe Reines "sure weren't forthcoming here on the facts here". Mrs Tanden responds "Why didn't' they get this stuff out like 18 months ago? So crazy." 
She later answered her own question saying, "I guess I know the answer. They wanted to get away with it."


What Obama knew about Clinton private email

When President Barack Obama told an interviewer that he first learned of Mrs Clinton's private email server at the "same time everybody else learned it, through news reports", the Clinton campaign emailed each other to say that the president was not telling the truth.
The evening after the interview aired Clinton spokesman Josh Schwerin emailed to say "it looks like POTUS just said he found out HRC was using her personal email when he saw it in the news".
"We need to clean this up", Clinton's former chief of staff Cheryl Mills responds. 
"He has emails from her - they do not say", she wrote, implying that Mr Obama was aware that Clinton was using a private email server rather than her State Department-issued email account.
White House spokesman Josh Earnest later clarified to say that the president had exchanged emails with Clinton but that he "was not aware of the details of how that email address and that server had been set up".

Morocco 'quid pro quo'

Mrs Clinton's aide Huma Abedin, usually known for her unflinching loyalty, was blunt in her criticism of her boss over a Clinton Foundation summit in Morocco. 
At the time of the meeting in Marrakesh, in May 2015, Mrs Clinton was no longer secretary of state but about to announce her campaign for president. But four months before it took place, Abedin voiced concern about her pulling out. "If HRC was not part of it, meeting was a non-starter," she warned. "She created this mess and she knows it."
The implication from the leaked emails is that a $12m donation from the king of Morocco was dependent on Mrs Clinton attending the summit.
"Her presence was a condition for the Moroccans to proceed so there is no going back on this," Abedin wrote to campaign manager Robbie Mook in a November 2014 email. 
In the end, Mrs Clinton decided not to attend and sent husband Bill and daughter Chelsea instead. There is no record of a $12m donation.
Mr Mook on Sunday said there was no evidence of wrongdoing or "quid pro quo", and that his emails with Abedin showed he simply did not want any scheduling distractions for Mrs Clinton.

Sanders is a 'doofus'

In December 2015, Mr Podesta attacked Mrs Clinton's primary election rival Bernie Sanders for criticising the Paris climate change agreement.
"Can you believe that doofus Bernie attacked it?" said Mr Podesta.
When asked on CNN about it, Mr Podesta admitted he was frustrated at the time but he had a very good relationship with the Vermont senator. 

Bill Gates for veep? 

Mrs Clinton's campaign considered Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates or his wife Melinda as her running mate, according to the hacked emails. 
Mr Podesta drafted a list of nearly 40 names for her potential vice-presidential pick, organising it by what he called "rough food groups", which appeared to refer to demographic coalitions.
The list included Hispanic, white and black men, three former high-ranking military officers, business leaders and female senators. 
Among those included were Apple's Tim Cook, former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, General Motors' Marry Barra and Starbucks chief exeuctive Howard Schultz.
Senator Bernie Sanders was listed in a group by himself.

'Clintons won't forget' 

The Clinton campaign tried to reschedule the Illinois presidential primary to a month later, so as to make it less likely that a moderate Republican would get a boost following the Super Tuesday primaries.
"The Clintons won't forget what their friends have done for them," future Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook wrote in the November 2014 email to Mr Podesta.
But Mr Mook said the vote would be difficult to reschedule because Illinois Democrats "feel forgotten and neglected by POTUS", a reference to President Obama. 
The primary was ultimately held on its original date, 15 March this year.

'The most Scary Covert' Syrian action Plan by Clinton!

According to the latest leaked emails, Mrs Clinton told a Goldman Sachs conference she would like to intervene secretly in Syria.
She made the remark in answer to a question from Lloyd Blankfein, the bank's chief executive, in 2013 months after she left office as secretary of state.
"My view was you intervene as covertly as is possible for Americans to intervene," she told employees of the bank in South Carolina, which had paid her about $225,000 to give a speech.

Mrs Clinton - who is accused of being a war hawk by liberal critics - added: "We used to be much better at this than we are now. 
Now, you know, everybody can't help themselves. 
"They have to go out and tell their friendly reporters and somebody else: Look what we're doing and I want credit for it."

'Ring China'

Mrs Clinton said in emails that she had told Chinese officials if they were not able or willing to control North Korea's aggression then the US would be forced to put up missile defences in the region. 
"So China, come on. You either control them or we're going to have to defend against them," she purportedly told a Goldman Sachs conference in June 2013. 
She also remarked that the US would send additional warships to the region to counter the North Korean missile threat. 
As secretary of state, Mrs Clinton visited China seven times and helped develop Washington's "pivot" to Asia, which has long been viewed with suspicion by Beijing. 

Catholic 'bastardisation'

A 2011 exchange between Mrs Clinton's now-communications director Jennifer Palmieri and liberal think tank fellow John Halpin mocked a magazine article describing media mogul Rupert Murdoch raising his children as Catholics
Mr Halpin, a self-described Catholic, writes that many of the "most powerful elements of the conservative movement are Catholics... they must be attracted to the systematic thought and [severely] backwards gender relations", adding that "it's an amazing bastardisation of the faith". 
Ms Palmieri responds that those people must think it is "the most socially acceptable politically conservative religion". Ms Palmieri recently said she doesn't recognise the emails, adding that "I'm a Catholic".

'A public and a private position'

In excerpts from one of Mrs Clinton's paid speeches to Wall Street bankers, she said: "Politics is like sausage being made. It is unsavory, and it always has been that way, but we usually end up where we need to be. 
"But if everybody's watching, you know, all of the back room discussions and the deals, you know, then people get a little nervous, to say the least. So, you need both a public and a private position."
She introduced this comment by saying that she had just watched Steven Spielberg's film Lincoln, which shows the political negotiations the US Civil War-era president undertook to pass the 13th amendment to the US constitution, abolishing slavery. 
Bernie Sanders, who campaigned against Mrs Clinton during the Democratic primary season, had called repeatedly for Mrs Clinton to release the transcripts of her paid Wall Street speeches.

Clinton 'was fed a question'

Donna Brazile, the former CNN contributor, notified the Clinton campaign in advance of a question she would be asked at a town hall-style event hosted by the cable network in March, according to the leaked emails.
"From time to time I get the questions in advance," Ms Brazile, now chair of the Democratic National Party (DNC), wrote in the subject line of a 12 March email to Clinton aides.
She went on to paste the text of a question about the death penalty that Mrs Clinton would be asked. The question, with very similar wording, ended up being posed to the White House hopeful at the event.
Hours after WikiLeaks broke the news of the alleged collaboration, Ms Brazile wrote in an statement: "I never had access to questions and would never have shared them with the candidates if I did."
The leaked email has also caused embarrassment for CNN, which Donald Trump has mockingly referred to as the "Clinton News Network".
Ms Brazile took over at the DNC when its former chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultzover hacked emails which revealed the party establishment's favouritism towards Mrs Clinton.
The DNC was meant to be neutral in the contest between Mrs Clinton and her Democratic primary season challenger, Bernie Sanders. 
While serving as DNC vice-chair in January 2016, Ms Brazile forwarded to Clinton's staff an email revealing the Sanders camp's plan to court African-American voters. 
"FYI," Ms Brazile wrote to campaign spokesperson Adrienne Elrod, who responded: "Thank you for the heads up on this Donna."

Justice Department 'collusion'

Clinton spokesman Brian Fallon wrote in a May 2015 email: "DOJ folks inform me there is a status hearing in this case this morning."
He was referring to a Freedom of Information Act request by a journalist seeking disclosure of Mrs Clinton's emails from her time as the secretary of state. 
Mr Fallon, who is a former Department of Justice spokesman, was relaying information that was already publicly available and being reported by multiple news outlets. 
Nevertheless, Donald Trump seized on the communication between the Clinton campaign and the DOJ, saying, "this is collusion and corruption of the highest order".

Clinton 'wary of refugees'

In a leaked 2013 paid speech to the Jewish United Fund of Metropolitan Chicago, Mrs Clinton said that Jordan and Turkey "can't possibly vet all those refugees so they don't know if, you know, jihadists are coming in along with legitimate refugees". 
Trump supporters seized on these remarks to criticise her call for the US to accept 65,000 refugees per year, an increase on President Obama's plan to allow 10,000 per year. 
Many refugees from Syria transit through Jordan, Turkey, or Lebanon on their way to the West. 
Donald Trump has called for a ban on all Muslim immigration, but said in the second debate his plan had "morphed into an extreme vetting from certain areas of the world".

'Open borders' dream

Mrs Clinton's newfound opposition to trade deals contradicts remarks she made in a 2013 paid speech to Brazilian bank Banco Itau. 
She said: "My dream is a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders, some time in the future with energy that is as green and sustainable as we can get it, powering growth and opportunity for every person in the hemisphere." 
Critics seized upon those remarks, pointing to Mr Trump's frequent talking point that "without a border, we just don't have a country". 
Mrs Clinton reportedly earned over $26m for speeches she gave after leaving the State Department.

Keystone XL pipeline

Several Clinton aides discuss what political opinion their candidate should take on the controversial energy pipeline known as Keystone XL. 

In May 2015 Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook pointed to a report that the Clinton Foundation had received money from one of the project's backers, emailing that "the enviros may latch onto this going forward. 

Have we discussed when she will come out against Keystone?" 
He also asks if they should wait until after President Obama vetoes the pipeline, which he did in November 2015. Mrs Clinton announced her opposition in September. 

When she was asked in 2010 about when the pipeline would be approved, the then-secretary of state said the analysis was not yet complete, "but we are inclined" to approve the project. 

Critics said her subsequent opposition to the pipeline was a "flip flop".

'Needy Latinos and 1 easy call'

That's the subject line of an August 2015 email sent by Mr Podesta to Hillary Clinton and one her closest aides, Huma Abedin. 

Mr Podesta's email suggests that Mrs Clinton reach out to former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson and former Energy Secretary Federico Pena to ask for their support during her primary campaign. 

Mr Podesta also uses a profane term to refer to Gov Richardson, who had implied in an earlier email that he would require a phone call in order to provide his support.

US expels Russian diplomats over alleged cyber attack allegations

The US has expelled 35 Russian diplomats as punishment for alleged interference into last month's presidential elections, giving them 72 hours to leave the country. 
It will also close two compounds used for Russian intelligence-gathering.
President Barack Obama had vowed action against Russia amid US accusations it directed hacks against the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton's campaign.
Russia has denied any involvement and called the decision "ungrounded".
The US state department declared the 35 Russian diplomats from the Washington DC embassy and the consulate in San Francisco "persona non grata", and gave them and their families 72 hours to leave the US.
The move follows calls from senior US senators to sanction Russian officials who are believed to have played a role in the hacking, which some lawmakers referred to as America's "political Pearl Harbor".
Republican senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham, who led the calls for sanctions, said they "intend to lead the effort in the new Congress to impose stronger sanctions on Russia".
A Kremlin spokesman told journalists in Moscow that President Vladimir Putin would consider retaliatory measures.
Dmitry Peskov said the actions were "a manifestation of unpredictable and aggressive foreign policy", and called them "ungrounded and not legal".

And the Russian embassy in the UK tweeted a visual gag calling the Obama presidency a lame duck.

President-elect Donald Trump, who will take over from President Obama next month, has dismissed the hacking claims as "ridiculous" and said Americans should "get on with our lives" when asked about the possibility of sanctions before the announcement on Wednesday.

Sanctions have also been announced against nine entities and individuals including Russian intelligence agencies, the GRU and the FSB.
Russian intelligence compounds in New York and Maryland will be closed.

'Necessary and appropriate'

In a statement, President Obama called the moves a "necessary and appropriate response to efforts to harm US interests" and said "all Americans should be alarmed by Russia's actions".
Mr Obama also announced the US would declassify technical information related to Russian cyber activity to "help network defenders in the United States and abroad identify, detect, and disrupt Russia's global campaign of malicious cyber activities".
Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, the top Republican in Congress, said in a statement that despite the measures being overdue "it is an appropriate way to end eight years of failed policy with Russia".
Democratic Senator Ben Cardin, who is from Maryland, called for Congress to take action separately from the White House, and plans to introduce legislation to establish a committee "to further examine the attack and Russian's efforts to interfere in our election". 

'A decade-long campaign' 

In a joint statement by the Department of Homeland Security, the Office of the Director of National Security, and the FBI, US officials appeal to companies to "look back within their network traffic" and report any signs of "malicious cyber activity" to law enforcement.
The Russian hacking, which the US intelligence agencies describe as a "decade-long campaign" included methods such as "spearphishing, campaigns targeting government organisations, critical infrastructure, think-tanks, universities, political organisations, and corporations; theft of information from these organisations; and the recent public release of some of this stolen information".
Emails stolen from Hillary Clinton's campaign manager and from the servers of the Democratic National Committee were released during the 2016 presidential election by Wikileaks.
Several US agencies, including the FBI and CIA have concluded that the hacked information was released to cause damage to Mrs Clinton and the Democrats in order to favour Mr Trump.