Saturday, 31 December 2016

Finland: Two Iraqi men sentenced to prison for sex crimes

Two men were sentenced to four years and 18 months respectively for sexual assault and rape of a minor in a Rauma reception centre in October.

The district court of Satakunta has passed down prison sentences to two men from Iraq for sexual crimes committed in a reception centre in Rauma in October.
One of the Iraqi citizens was born in 1983 and received a four-year sentence without chance of parole for aggravated rape and aggravated sexual abuse of a minor. The man forced himself on a 14-year-old Finnish girl. He must also pay out 15,000 euros for causing emotional distress.
The other man, born in 1972, was sentenced to 18 months conditional imprisonment for attempted rape and sexual abuse of a minor. He was ordered to pay out 3,000 euros.
A third party was also allegedly present and filmed the attacks. The person was originally charged with attempted aggravated sexual assault of a minor.
The sentencing is not yet legally valid and may be appealed in the court of appeal. With Finnish tax payers money .....

 ----------Mike Huldens analysis of this article  ----------

We ate SDR are pretty sure the girls know who raped them so why the delay ? Could they not be awaiting trail in Syria in a Syrian jail ? This feels like hey would be rewarded with free TV and sanitation and health care for abusing Finnish kindness and hospitality. 
Syrians must be very  good at PR..... as now already Finns associate them only with violence and rape!  There is a old proverb saying: You sleep as you make your bed! Isrtart to believe here is much ruth in this old wisdom.
I hope they don get blankets and traditional Finnish pig meat sausage every day.
Finns are not to change for them and their demand its reverse! We hope schools and other services serve only pig made sausages after this,  If they want Camel meat or goat go to Saudi Arabia (oops they don't take refugees even Islamic one) But Turkey take them and use them as slave workers ....I'm sure they get 1st class Halal food there if they just shout and rape a bit.
Our Western idiotic politicians need to learn the diplomacy of Arab's see kindness  as a opportunity or weakness.....and don't treat if with gratitude. The examples are to many and your local news don't report even half of the ongoing ......

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