Thursday, 15 December 2016

Muslim woman arrested over 'fake hate attack' in New York by Trump supporters

We at SDR wonder is there no limit to age or gender to try to hurt westerners when not comes to Muslims ? Do they really need to be in the west and insult and hurt us without any end while most of the westerners let them live their lives in all the peace they need. if they wish for respect they need to act accordingly and this is just one of many stories.....

A young Muslim woman who reported being harassed on the New York subway by supporters of US President-elect Donald Trump has been arrested for fabricating the story, officials say.

Yasmin Seweid, 18, said three men had called her a "terrorist".

She has been charged with filing a false report and obstructing governmental administration.
She reportedly later admitted to police she had been out drinking and had made up the story as an excuse.

The student originally told police the men had told her to "get out of this country" and to "get the f****** hijab off your head!", NBC reports.

She said they had tried to tear off her headscarf and that no bystanders had intervened during the alleged incident on 1 December. She also said that one of the men had grabbed her bag, breaking the strap.

"It breaks my heart that so many individuals chose to be bystanders while watching me get harassed verbally and physically by these disgusting pigs," she said on Facebook one day later, according to NBC.

But officials reportedly got suspicious when they could not find witnesses or any significant video.

Then, last Friday, the woman was reported missing, (Leeing justice its called elsewhere) in a case that was widely reported on US media. She was found one day later.

She was arrested on Wednesday and admitted fabricating the story to avoid getting into trouble with her parents.
The Muslim hate agitator and liar Yasmin Seweid was arraigned at Manhattan Criminal Court, where she appeared without a veil and with her hair shaved. Unnamed sources told the NY Daily News her parents had forced her to cut her hair over the incident.

Released on Thursday, she faces up to a year in jail for each charge.
In the days after the election of Mr Trump in November, hundreds of alleged cases of intimidation and abuse were reported in the US. Many of the cases were linked to Trump supporters, a monitoring group said.

Meanwhile in Europe Germany we all got to see how a gang of Migrant Arabs walks behind a local young woman and FROM BEHIND one of the Islamic heroes kicked her down the stairs …We have never ever remotely seen such an sneaky attack from behind on a woman this shows that the Syrian and other refugees bring along not only them self's wanting money from the social services but also bring along sickening acts of violence and rape this time they where caught on a CCTV and it can be seen here in larger size and can be viewed on your computer full screen size:

To us at SDR and many other Europeans it was so sickening that the Arabs must have been utterly lucky that no one in Europe did kick them down some stone stairs……Yet!