Sunday, 8 January 2017

ISRAEL: The ultimate reality check that should rock not only the Islamic world but the western ignorance acting against facts and reason!

The following facts where sent to SDR by a coworker who found it strange that these facts have not been published on the main media. The initial writer was Ari Rabinovich.
We took a look at all media from different perspectives....
So what did we find out? we started to check for other facts that could discredit these facts but could so far not find anything. This fact speaks for it self and is an answer!

With no denials this should be debated on a much larger scale in order to get the UN pseudo scholars to stop spreading lies. 

And as well the same facts should be given to both Kerry and Obama who do all they can to discredit and destroy Israel before the new democratically voted new US president Donald Trump will undo the hate and diversity that these two men have accomplished. Besides splitting up the entire world into politically´y correct alliances instead of culturally normal lines. We have seen this before in history when developed nations in Europe did the maps of their colony's in for instance Africa with got borders as straight as a ruler. The same elsewhere such borders will be broken by culture!
People of ethnicall groups like to have nations that are culturally and ethnically grip-able.
What we see in the Arab world with fights regarding religion is continued at the Migrant reception centres even as far away as Finland we where told today by one worker at such a facility, the local police is very often called to stop the fighting´s that alls are ethical and religious only!

To try to deny this as a fact world wide is not possible as the media is so full of the same that we at SDR cant understand how evil both Kerry and Obama have been for denying these matters of facts
or what they are: Human nature.

A fact that needs to be said to Obama is that "All Lives Matter" and by pointing this out one is just! Not if one starts the endless chicken brain claim " Asian Lives matter" or Jewish Lives Matter" or "Women's Life Matter" or some other group matter...fact remains that in a western society pushing for diversity if someone is educated can be seen and nothing less than racist in it self. Obama´s tilting the scale did naturally also reach EU where there is about as many uneducated and unknowing persons as in the US or other places ....So this had a global negative impact that we now have to adjust.

Multi-culture is fine as long as its a choice of each individual and not like now force fed upon us to like and understand Islam that for me personally has all the components of what I dislike in a philosophy and religion. No human rights and replaced by religion rights and lets not even talk about any woman rights as its no existing among Muslims. To dislike the philosophy of Islam that spreads lies upon lies about Jews and the west is not a crime. This as they promote inhuman laws to replace our many thousands of years of developed  human and gender rights. I like Hindus, Buddhist and other religions and cultures so I'm not a racist for disliking one who spreads lies about my own culture.

So lets talk about facts and not wishful thinking or some primitive replacement of law and order.  The following is just one of many such proves that Jews lived long before Muslims in the holy land.

As a matter of fact for the first time we see something that's culturally exciting! 
Archaeologists have made a biblical discovery that is the first of its kind! 
And naturally Muslims are angry because there is new evidence that the Jews ruled Israel long before Palestinians claimed the land.

The first one to our knowledge to report on this was: Charisma News reports that the royal seal of Kind Hezekiah, who ruled around 700 B.C. has been added to the nation’s extensive collection of ancient artifacts.

Hezekiah was described in the bible as a daring monarch - “There was no one like him among all the kings of Judah, either before him or after him” (2 Kings 18:5) - who was dedicated to eliminating idolatry in his kingdom.

This is the first time that a seal impression of an Israelite or Judean king has ever come to light in a scientific archaeological excavation,’’ Mazar said.
The detailed clay seal, known as a bulla, was uncovered near the southern part of the wall surrounding Jerusalem’s Old City. It was mistakenly buried in a refuse dump around the time of the Israelite king.

After five years of research, a team member was able to decipher the text.
The dots help separate the words:”Belonging to Hezekiah (son of) Ahaz king of Judah.” “It’s always a question, what are the real facts behind biblical stories,” Mazar said. “Here we have a chance to get as close as possible to the person himself, to the king himself.”
Researchers were ecstatic to reveal that they have stumbled upon the first found seal of a biblical Israelite king.

However this discovery not only has a biblical significance, but is relevant to Palestine conflict today. The word “Palestine” is believed by many to be a name derived from the Egyptian and Hebrew term for “migrants” or “wanderers”, and comes from the biblical tribe of the Philistines, who were barbaric nomads determined to conquer the Israelite. However, as the bible describes, the Philistines’ giant fighter, Goliath, was defeated by a shepherd named David, who went on to become the king of Israel in the 10th century B.C.
This seal precedes even the earliest mention of an official derivative of Palestine- 200 years after King Hezekiah.

So all the claims of Islam being the true ancestral owners of the land that Israel now occupies and the claims that Israel stole the land given them by “Allah” are all FALSE!
One thing is for sure, what happens next is going to be an awesome manifestation of Historical and Biblical  prophecy unfolding the truth right before our eyes!