Saturday, 18 March 2017

EU illegal settlement and occupation activity reality check video and Drone videos

What you see cant be unseen here !
European Union illegally constructing settlements in Area C of Judea & Samaria (known as the West Bank) and transferring Bedouin population into the area in contravention of the Oslo Accords.
Nomads have been settled by the European Union and provided water and electricity etc...
SDR´s big question here is: Why did they not do such for the Palestinians living in Arab nations?
We wish to thank Barry Shaw and Regavim Advocacy Project for this fantastic insight on EU double standards.

EU illegal settlement and occupation activity

Drone Footage of Illegal EU built settlements

The picture that tells it all seen here below. It displays EU donor signs next to Satellite antenna and what looks like airgun bullet holes on the wall showing the appreciation by the Bedouin population....