Sunday, 26 March 2017

EU: New Firearms Directive – Enhancing Anti-Terror Measures in Europe?

The original version of this article was published by Israeli Homeland Security

A proposed new European Union directive of firearms sets out the conditions under which people can lawfully acquire and possess guns or transfer them to another EU country. 
However, the provisions have been branded “naive” by the Liberals and Democrats (ALDE) group members of the European Parliament (MEPs).
The ALDE group says it does not agree with the final consensus that has been reached on the directive which is to be voted on in the plenary session of the European Parliament, according to They say it will still allow direct online sales of weapons to consumers, and misses the chance to provide clear and harmonized regimes for deactivated firearms.
The group says the proposed directive impacts on millions of legal owners in the EU, such as sport shooters or hunters, instead of tackling illicit arms trafficking. We at SDR wonder how foreign unregistered arms can affect any traditional arms user. Today even blank guns - gas guns and dog schooling guns are  set under the laws of arms that need licence ! Even larger calibre AIR GUNS demand a strict licence. So We ant talk of EU laws as Finland and Germany just for instance have very different laws than Sweden or Geneva etc...Its almost EU anarchy  already. Plus the police don't know how to handle the licence free blank guns that has been sold in most EU without a licence the last 50-60 years. There must be millions of them by now.
The word naive can only be used of the person who generalises EU . Both law-enforcement and laws can carry a million miles between Finland and Sweden......Finland had 4 attacks by Russia and is flooded with arms in the countryside that most likely was taken from dead Russians or Red Finns during the Civil war between reds and whites. So fact: Just a few years back Finland was he third or fourth most armed nation in the entire world . With US and Yemen coming after.  Finland has had a long tradition of hunting and ski  schooling as a sport of interrest so why not. The laws now are so un-lolgical  de-arming the citizens that now the illlegal trade is blooming like never before to bothe Finland and Sweden . Just that the Swedish authorities haven't done much anything to stop it. Thats why mostly foreign gangs are armed with formed for instance full Army style weapons etc.....The killings by gun in  Finland they let you believe is bad are mostly suicides and economical triggers where the husband kills his own family....In Sweden its mainly gang killings
iHLS writes: “If you really aim to tackle illegal arms trafficking in Europe, it is not only naive to allow unrestricted online sales of guns directly to consumers, it is simply irresponsible. That is why we want to limit the online sales to business-to-business transactions only, as initially proposed by the Commission,” said MEP Gerard Deprez......However Northern nations are generally much more electrical registered than Spain where Illegals have hidden ever since before EU. Today the only un-transparent and unknown persons are people who are so called Muslim Migrants who arrived all our security from one day to another.
SDR could not agree more with iHLS that “The European Parliament has given up too easily on its position. 
The Directive now misses its principle aim, which was to support the fight against terrorism in Europe.!
It does not bring any new instruments to effectively do so,” said MEP Dita Charanzova, ALDE spokesperson on the Internal Market.
In November 2015, the Commission proposed a revision of the current EU rules on firearms to make it harder to legally acquire high capacity weapons in the European Union, allow better tracking of legally held firearms thus reducing the risk of diversion into illegal markets, and strengthen cooperation between member states.

The provisional political agreement retains a majority of what the Commission originally proposed, such as the ban of automatic firearms transformed into semi-automatic firearms, the inclusion of collectors and museums in the scope of the directive, the regulation of alarm and acoustic weapons, the regulation of internet sales, the regulation of deactivated weapons and more exchange of information between member states. Deactivated weapons today are so badly damaged that they are
impossible to make usable so why at all mention such ? This while the large corporations in <EU sell arms to every Arab who wants a tank or cannon on top of all to unsafe places of armed conflicts.
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