Tuesday, 8 August 2017

SDR special: A list of Iranian backed Islamist Militia members seeking asylum in the EU

About a year ago we did a report and had an almost similar list and a few were caught. But sadly some go free due to EU not sending back war criminals who mostly have arrived here illegally and who anytime could be militants again.
Normal people have started to doubt the law, within EU if so called economic migrants come and live on their hard earned social services while having 10 kids and most older ones not speaking one word  Finnish and most likely will end up like many Bosnians who told me they will return asap.....but in reality just moved over to Sweden and are most of the 3 generations I know unemployed. 
living next to me said the Finnish are racist against Muslims and so me and my wife found him a good job within 2 days fitting his schooling ( he had a half year earlier gotten a Busdrivers schooling but he did not like the job, instead, he got a second wife, that he told everyone was his wife's sister.....

So I send him via SMS that we had found him a very-well-payed job that was almost the same job as he did back in Mogadishu. 

Sorting and arranging in at a very large storage ....So we called the workplace he had not even called them.  So I asked him why?

He told me he had just found out another paid schooling (by the Finnish state) ......whatever he said further sounded to me like the wind in the trees......I just could not believe what I heard.
 I just answered in Arabic to him:  "Bukra fill mish mish" (translated as "never, ever" 
this  if it's not an exact translation)

Then he asked me too you really understand Arabic that well?I said not well, but enough to understand you and your kids arguing about the keys every day (Muftah). So I told him you told me that good Muslims don't lie.......how comes that your wife's sister now walks half a meter behind your first wife and never ever enters house and car

either first. I had Kurds for a visit and they too noted you have two wives.
I just said then see you some day .....

We have just been hacked and I assume you will see terriorist dooing anything to Destry opposition 
long enought have taken contacts with companies who are specialists from the US to make sand of your future if we catch you. You won't stay in neither or US safe to get a visa that lasts long enough 
grr you to enjoy wester luxury items ....WE will place you somewhere where you never counted to end up. This s a guarantee made by many groups......