Saturday, 5 August 2017

We where hacked ......But now back again.

We are terribly sorry but as 99% of you have learned to know we were not able to open and post anything, for about 6 months. The hackers which did this were not kids just out trying but many matters indicate a government standing behind such a schooling as used here.
Not only where Arab wanted Iraqis who were wanted for mostly war crimes.
If you don't like this pictures please contact the Brittish Arabs layers which are the originally distributing this list.

Hackers beware!  You have left clues behind your self, and we at SDR won't  do anything with it except forward it to about every intel group or forum we know. Not only that we will forward the
already known faces on this new list and will give it out through our social and diplomatical network
and for instance, we would feel proud if Mossad news would be so kind as to publish this list
as we think it will be updated very soon just like we publish rewards for Justice and most wanted terrorists.
Please remember the fact that we are not any anti any reluĂ­gion but against any fanatics who think all evils from the west while them selves keep driving: The US made airplanes shooting French Machine guns while having fun with Lamborghinis and Ferraris ... God bless the intellectual Muslims who don't think Arabs are lazy and less intellectual than  Indians.
A few years ago Indian IT call centers market became a fact of money behind other big IT developments and not everyone in the Arab world speaks French or English or Germany .....  t
The fact is that most Arab kids of today's kids speak English. SDR thinks o a helping service directed towards the arabic world in co op with Israel.
Huge sums are already given to others. Hamas does not create jobs where kids can go to school and be equal with EU, US or Dubai kids.....
Why not just let people pray at home people keep their minarets and temples like before money is needed for peoples survival. Anything else is noneducational and brings no one forward.....